Hey–if you want your very own doodle like this, click the image and visit the phenomenal Hunter.

You should know: I don’t always know what I’m doing.

I haven’t been sewing very long–I just started in March 2012, actually. But, I have fallen in deep, deep love with sewing. It’s practically an obsession. This took me by surprise–I expected to dabble and then get tired of producing unfortunate crap. But through some kind of divine appointment, my sewing machine has led me into a whole new world of possibility.

This blog is here simply to document my trials and many, many errors as I try to figure out this endlessly amazing craft.

I don’t know where this odyssey will lead, but do come along and enjoy the journey.

P.S. Need to drop me a line? Send it to bobbinsandwhimsy [at] g mail [dot] com. Or you can just fill in the form below!


10 thoughts on “Me

  1. What a wonderful blog! I was thinking, “Wow, this girl is outrageously funny! And her humor totally translates through her writing”. And now I see your “about” page and I check out your other blog and realize, “Oh wow! She’s not only a sewer, she’s a writer!”. So cool! Love them both!

    • You are TOO sweet! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’ve enjoyed exploring all my craziness. I often think about starting up that other blog again with a redesign and refocusing, but since sewing has sort of taken over my life, I haven’t been reading as much.
      I”m so happy you dropped by–I love making new blog friends πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! First, I miss you. Second, I just caught up on your blog and I LOVE it. You are crazy creative. Third, I really miss you and wish we could catch up. You need to get Whatsapp so I can talk to you. Love ya!

    • Okay–Anna and your mom have told me at least a dozen times that I need to get Whatsapp! So it’s totally my fault that I haven’t done so! I will do that today. No–I mean it!
      Miss you, too!

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