Create the Perfect Fit Review (Plus a Pattern Giveaway!)

Hello, lovely people!

Today, is a rather historic day here on B&W, for today I am hosting my very first giveaway and my very first official book review.


I got to know Joi a little over the summer when she took the time to respond to a post I’d written about a couple of Craftsy classes I’d taken (one of which was her Fast Track Fitting class). We emailed back and forth a bit, and Joi offered not only to let me take her new Craftsy class Fast Track Fitting: In the Details but also to send me a copy of her new book when it came out. I was super excited about both.

Here’s the thing about Joi: she is crazy passionate about sharing this fitting method with as many different types of sewers as possible. I would love to take a real class with her. Come to Atlanta, please, Joi!

Just a quick bit about the new Craftsy class: I haven’t gotten very far yet (School has taken over my life! Isn’t it summer yet???), but I can already tell this is the class that I really wanted the first Fast Track Fitting to be. I think the first class is good for those who are very new to altering patterns. In the Details is definitely more my speed! It, as you might guess based on the name, goes into more details about specific fit issues. (When I finish the class, I will definitely be telling you more about how it went.)

Joi’s book Create the Perfect Fit is a cheerful, spiral-bound volume chock full of easy-to-follow illustrations and adorable photographs. The design is bright and uncluttered, which I very much appreciate. I was particularly excited when I found the section on fitting forward-rotated shoulders–a problem I’ve been wrestling with for quite a while now. The Back Upper Half Cap adjustment Joi recommends is exactly what I needed back when I was struggling with my Simplicity 1776 sleeves.


I think, though, that my favorite part of the book was the Garment Application Workbook chapter where Joi details how to apply your fit pattern to fashion patterns. She takes different styles (i.e. the boxy jacket, the A-line gored skirt, the Princess Coat) and tells you where the measurements need to be true and where you need to add ease.


But, let’s be honest–I really liked looking at the pretty pictures! 🙂 That polka-dotted dress and white coat need to get in my life!

As a girl who is about to embark on a pants-fitting odyssey, I would really like to see more than a page devoted to fitting pants. And while I love the look of glossy pages, they are rather hard to take notes on in pencil (which is my preferred method of jotting things down in books). But, I’ve been on an anti-gloss kick lately, so this may just be my Crazy Yearbook Lady brain kicking in.

All-in-all, the book really is a great fitting companion for anyone who’s struggling to attain the elusive “perfect fit”–especially if you’re working with one of Joi’s new patterns for McCall’s. Here’s the thing I mostly love about these patterns: Joi has added several fitting lines and markings that you usually don’t find on commercial patterns. In addition to the usuals–waist, bust point, maybe even bust line–she’s also included the high and low bust, full upper back, and mid back. She even tells you how far below the base of the neck the back neckline should fall. This blew my mind because I’ve never seen that on a pattern before. And if you’re measuring your back neck to waist from the base of your neck but the pattern falls a couple inches below that without your realizing it, then your back waist is going to be all sorts of wrong.

Dear Pattern Companies: Start adding this information. Many thanks, J.


Joi has two new patterns. One for a peplum and flared/godet skirt combo (I’m currently making peplum A). I love the exposed zipper and the split peplum. The other–well, at first I thought it was for a coat dress and wasn’t at all interested. But then I realized I was an idiot and it was an actual coatAnd then I started thinking about how I wanted to break all the rules and make a short version of the coat and how adorable would that be???

Today, friends, I’m offering you the chance to win these patterns for yourself! All you have to do is leave me a little comment letting me know you’d like to enter. And just for funsies, since it’s almost Halloween and all, tell me what your dream costume would be!

The giveaway will be open until Saturday, November 1, at midnight EST. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday. Only US residents this time (sorry, my international friends!) for the sake of shipping costs.

And do check out the other blogs in the tour! Next up is Joi’s big giveaway on her blog!

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Good luck to those of you who enter. And Happy Halloween!


16 thoughts on “Create the Perfect Fit Review (Plus a Pattern Giveaway!)

  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I think I need to get that book, too. 🙂 My dream costume for years has been Wonder Woman, but of course the fit has to be impeccable! Maybe next year. 🙂

  2. I’d love to win those patterns! The coat caught my eye as well 😉 my dream costume would be Medusa with a wig of realistic looking snakes that slithered

  3. This book could help me learn how to make clothes that look better on me than store bought. If I were to wear a costume, it would be Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.

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