A Fortuitous Foxglove

Is there anything more “me” right now (and by “right now” I mean “over the summer”) than the Foxglove?? Sleeveless, loose-fitting, high/low hem–of course I snapped the pattern up ASAP. It usually takes me ages to get on board a pattern train, so that’s saying something!

It’s hard to say how long it took for me to make this. Cutting is simple–there are only two pieces plus some 1″ strips for binding. The actual sewing took about half of Tangled plus 20-25 minutes of Veronica Mars.

The instructions suggest that if you’re using a woven to go up in size (and to make a muslin–a wise decision, I think). I used a cotton/lycra knit (from, you guessed it!, Girl Charlee) which was much more lightweight than other cotton/lycras I’ve used before. It was very springy. Like a spring, not the season. Because of this, I ended up removing four inches just below the arm holes and eventually joining back in with the 3/8″ seam line. I suggest you consider the stretch of your fabric before choosing your size; I probably could have safely sized down.


If you’re using an “unstable” knit like I did, you may be worried about the openness of the armholes if you try it on mid-process. They do feel very flimsy before they get bound. But, I was very pleased that once I finished the binding, the armholes felt secure.

I think perhaps my one regret is that I didn’t center the pattern on the front. It doesn’t really bother me. Maybe just a little.


Good thing, then, that I have enough fabric left over to make another one if I so desire! But, more likely I will make a little top to complete a pajama set I’ve been working on. And by “working on” I mean I made the shorts already and have been trying to figure out what to use for a top.

This little project lived up to my expectations in every way. I adore this top and will definitely be making more (even, perhaps, a Foxglove dress!). I am glad that GC made it impossible to do the Lady Skater mod I was planning; I don’t know that I would have snapped up the pattern if I hadn’t been looking for another option. See–everything works out!


Racer backs make me feel awfully shouldery.

True story: at the Josten’s convention I was at a few weeks (days? Not sure when this post is going up) months ago, during one of the sessions we did this get-to-know-you exercise where we each turned in an anonymous card stating something about ourselves that no one else knew. The following day, we were each given a typed list of everyone’s “secrets” and told to figure out who was who. (The idea they were trying to get across was that everyone has a story, you just have to look for it. Journalism!) I, not being able to think of anything else, had written down that I sew all my own clothes, and showed up to class wearing my brand new Foxglove.

And, y’all? No one realized it was me. Mission accomplished.

This is what I want to hear: Smug Sewing Stories. Go!


4 thoughts on “A Fortuitous Foxglove

  1. Great that they didn’t realize it was you! My boyfriend often says that when I make a gift people should be able to tell that I made it. I prefer to make something that doesn’t look homemade and love it when they’re surprised when they find out that it was in fact handmade.

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