Once Upon a Time. . .

. . . On a blog far, far away, every Sunday I would write a silly list of random thoughts (I called it Sunday Smorgasbord until I just started calling it random dessert names). I’ve been thinking about that old blog a lot recently, and I find that miss the silly random writing. So, while I’m easing myself back into blogging and waiting on a decent time to do a marathon photo sesh, I think I’m going to revive that old tradition–at least for a while.

1. While we’re talking about blogging. . . I often think of starting another blog to celebrate my crazy YA reading habits. There is nothing more fun than publicly relishing the absolute absurdity of most of today’s YA offerings. And to admit that I’ve been very inspired by one of those absurdist YA’s wherein the main character is a book blogger (think Twilight except with aliens instead of vampires–holy cow, the whole thing’s a train wreck!) would just lead me into a mire of Inception-y thoughts, so we’re just going to move on. . .

2. Part 2 of why I’ve been inspired to restart my book-blogging ways is that I’ve recently acquired an iPad. I got it so I could grade papers digitally (because who wants to keep tabs on 200 middle school rough drafts?? NO ONE EVER), but it has led me down a whole different digital path of unrighteousness. I have always been one of those old-fashioned gals who believed that paper books were the only way to go. I swore I would never own a Kindle because they were single-handedly destroying the libraries (and subsequently, the minds) of America! It all started innocently–I wanted to read a book my friend had recommended, and I didn’t want to wait for a delivery. “I have an iPad,” I thought. “I can just check iBooks.” And I did. And I was never the same. Do you want to know how many books I’ve downloaded in the short two months I’ve had the iPad/book-fetish-enabler?

24. And that’s not counting all the samples. Out of those 24, I’ve read all but 4. And you wonder why I haven’t been sewing. . .

3. My birthday is next week. It seems like the older I get, the more it sneaks up on me. I’m turning 33. What an awkward age.

4. I got a fabric shipment a couple days ago. Let me just warn you–you’ll probably be super bored by my fall sewing. It is uber-practical which means lots of solids and neutrals. And pants.

5. So my friend got me addicted to Borderlands–a bleak, darkly humorous, stylized shoot-em-up. I think I’m looking for some sort of treasure. I can’t be sure. I do know that I can’t be trusted with a sniper rifle.

6. I watched the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey and laughed. There’s one worldwide phenomenon train I’m happy I never boarded. Though that new version of “Crazy in Love” is super lush, and I will absolutely be Spotifying it.

7. Maybe it’s because school life is hardwired into my brain, but autumn always seems to me to be the perfect time to Begin. It’s all about fresh starts and new people. Winter is a mixed bag of holidays and survival. Spring is a desperate fever dream with one theme: Summer’s coming. Summer’s coming. Summer’s coming. And then suddenly you’re looking out over two beautifully empty months and you just. . . breathe, probably for the first time since August.

This is one reason I love teaching: every year has a beginning and an end. And before you start again, you get to take time to refresh and recharge. There aren’t that many professions like that out there. So, even though it’s been a rough start, I feel that things are evening out. I know what I’m dealing with now, so I can plan better. And that means more quality time with my sewing machine (seriously–this girl needs some pants!).

Farewell, lovelies! I have Columbus Day off, so if anyone needs me I’ll be making eyes at my camera.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time. . .

  1. I would definitely read a blog about YA reading. I already follow foreveryoungadult.com pretty religiously! Have you read The Fifth Wave and Infinite Sea yet? I died.

    • I haven’t, but I have now downloaded a sample of the first. I just recently read the Throne of Glass series which was really good, but is sadly not done yet–now I have to wait ages and ages for the next one!

  2. Have you read The Country of Ice Cream Star? You should!
    I really enjoyed reading this post – how refreshing to just read someone’s thoughts online “just like the old days” 😉

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