The “I’m Just Asking for Trouble” Shorts (Plus a Refashion!)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love white. It may be plain, boring, and downright risky to wear, but I enjoy the clean crispness of it.

When I planned to make a navy Archer, I envisioned wearing it with white skinny jeans. However, as the months passed and the temperatures grew and the Archer did not get finished, I had to temporarily change my plans. Thus, the idea for a pair of white Maritime shorts was born.

You’ve already gotten a glimpse of these when I finally shared my navy Archer.

Archer and Maritime1

Sewing the Maritime shorts is a really satisfying project–not just because they straight up fit without all the drama! Maybe it’s because they’re so small; every seam is a short one. Maybe it’s because they’re so stinkin’ practical; I love sewing things I know I’m going to wear. Or, maybe it’s just because there are so many little pieces that come together in the most glorious way possible.

If you remember, my “muslin” pair were too big. For these, I cinched in the waist about 1/4″ at the side seams. I’m thinking of lengthening and tapering the legs a bit for my next pair.

Archer and Maritime Side There are a few steps in the process that gave me pause. First, the patch pockets. They’re not hard, just fiddly. They’re topstitched twice. First before being attached to the shorts. I sewed one row just to hold down the folded edges inside. Second when they were attached to the shorts. Nothing groundbreaking!

I also had a bit of trouble when I first attached the pocket to the pocket lining. I knew that the pieces would fit together, but the lining was consistently coming up short. Finally, I basted each piece along the seam line, used about a million pins, and eased the two together. It worked perfectly then.

Peplum and Maritime 1

And finally, as you can guess, the fly zipper was a challenge. It wasn’t my first fly front zipper; but it had been a while since I’d put one in. When I sewed the muslin, I was glued to the directions. However, I’m pleased to report that I barely glanced at them this time around and the zipper turned out rather well!

Seriously, if you’re scared of a fly zip, stop it right now! If I can do one, you certainly can, too! 🙂 Check out Jen’s tutorial. And there are many others out there as well!

Peplum and Maritime 2

Here’s the obvious deal with white shorts: 1. the major stain factor. All I have to do is brush up against a car in a parking lot or sit on any surface outside when the pollen takes over or lean against a dusty piece of furniture and–Ooops–shorts need to be washed. And 2. the visible underwear factor. I don’t currently have “nude” lady pants. I should probably get on that. While I tend to wear longer tops–especially longer in the back where I appreciate the coverage–I’d rather not leave my fate up to a sudden gust of wind.

Archer and Maritime back

However, I still really love these shorts!

Now, you may be curious about the top I’m wearing with them. This is another refashion, very similar to the first. This is my Not-a-Dress Peplum that I made back in the winter. I never, ever wore it, so I had to figure out why or let it go. First, I fixed the neckline by adding more topstitching with my twin needle. This helps the seam allowance underneath behave itself. Next, I chopped off the sleeves and added darts and binding. Peplum BindingPeplum 3

The waist is a little high, about a 1/2″ above my natural waist–just enough to be annoying. It’s a little tight as well. Truth be told, I’ve put on weight this summer. Too much lying around eating Snickers Ice Cream bars. Sigh–sometimes, eating healthy is a real challenge! I suspect that I’ll trim down once school starts and I’m eating like a grown up. We shall see!

Peplum and Maritime 4

As you read this (if you’re reading Monday afternoon), I will be on a plane headed home from Phoenix, drinking ginger ale and listening to podcasts. I really wish I could read on planes, but my brain thinks it makes me sick. Stupid brain.

Summer vacation is almost over, friends. Next Thursday, I’ll be back at school and the Thursday after that, the children arrive. I admit, I feel a bit of End of Summertime Sadness, but I’m so, so excited about my new job. And it’s about this time of year that I start longing for falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, and crisp, cool temperatures.

Speaking of which, isn’t it about time to start planning my autumn sewing??


9 thoughts on “The “I’m Just Asking for Trouble” Shorts (Plus a Refashion!)

  1. I love those shorts, they look great together with the Archer! I made myself a pair the other day for the exact same reasons you did.
    Enjoy the beginning of term – I can’t believe you are already going back to school – here in Bavaria we haven’t even started our summer holidays …

    • No summer vacation yet?? That’s so odd to me! 🙂 Here, in my state at least, our summer vacations run from the end of May through the beginning of August. Of course, this means we’re returning to school just as the summer gets REALLY hot. So, maybe Bavaria is on to something. . .

      Thanks! I hope you’re enjoying your shorts as I much as I am mine!

  2. I love the shorts and what you did with the peplum top but they look awesome with the Archer! Despite being at the beginning of my summer holidays I have also started thinking about autumn sewing, I suspect summer will not follow me once back in the UK haha! Enjoy the rest of your time off.

    • Thank you!
      Autumn is always a bit tricky for me. Even though the weather stays warm for a long time, I stop wanting to wear my springtime florals and start wanting warmer toned plaids and solids. And you have to be prepared for temperature transitions–chilly mornings to hot afternoons to cool evenings. You just never know when you live in the South! Maybe that’s why I like to start planning early.
      Also, I just love, love, love the autumn! I get tired of our sultry summer weather very quickly. Bring on the cooler temperatures, please!

  3. Oh, these are just fantastic! I bought some white drill at the end of last summer with a view to making The Perfect Shorts, but didn’t finish wrestling with the pattern/muslin before the weather turned. I’d been eyeing the Maritime shorts pattern and thinking it looked like a winner, and now you’ve sold me on it….thanks!

    • Awesome–I hope it works for you! The key for me was using a twill with some stretch. Though, I am thinking of trying them in linen, but not this summer.
      What pattern were you using originally?

  4. These are majorly cute! I’ve had the Maritime shorts on my to-sew list for a solid two years now… embarrassing! Love them in white! I’m scared of wearing white, but it just looks so nice, especially with the navy shirt!

    • Thanks! White is terrifying to wear, I know.
      If you find yourself in need of shorts, you have to give the Maritimes a try. I could not be more pleased with them! Jen is like my pattern-making soulmate 🙂

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