Winter/Spring Sewing Plan Recap


I’ve been sewing this plan FOREVAH! Let’s see how it all turned out, shall we?

B5794 Tie


I do like this dress. I’ve worn it frequently since finishing it. It’s sort of a mess with the gathers and the neckline, but I’m calling it an “Overall Win.”

B5794 Cowl

B5794 Peplum Front

A fabric fail and cowl neck fail led to this scoop neck peplum. I confess, I don’t wear it very often at all. I think the problem is the neckline. It’s really quite a mess. Perhaps I’ll fix it. Actually, I just got a refashioning idea that would be great for the summer. So, we’ll dub this a “Partial Win.”



I love this dress quite a lot. It was a struggle, and it’s not perfect, but I love it. “Win” all round.

S1776 knit


Red Top 1

This is one of those times when I’m really glad things didn’t go according to plan. I love, love this top. Absolute WIN.

Lady Skater Dress (Red)


Too tight, but still comfy. This is a “Win, with Reservations.”



Love this dress, but the blue bled into the white stripes after wearing (and continues to bleed each time I wear it–even after multiple washes.) I have a Hail Mary play in my pocket. We’ll see. . .  This is a “Dress, Win; Fabric, Fail.”



Even though the skirt tends to float upwards while I wear it, this is still an “Epic Win.”

Archer Navy Archer 1


FINALLY DONE!! Yay! Come on–it’s Archer. Of course, it’s a win. I need to do some adjusting of the arm holes so I can go sleeveless and fix some chestal gappage issues, but seriously–this pattern is so full of win.

Lady Skater Peplum

LS Peplum Side

I feel like I never wear this top, but it’s not a top for warm weather. I did wear it several times while it was still cold. It’s too tight, and that makes it not super comfortable. Redoing the sleeves would go a long way to making it more wearable. So, this is another “Win, with Reservations.”

Overall, I have a very negative impression of this lineup, simply because it took soooooo long to finish! But, there are some very wearable pieces in the mish-mash plus a couple of rousing successes. And even the fails are potentially fixable.

Final Thoughts: Sewing according to a plan with a color palette in mind really does work for me. Though my tendency is to over-plan, I do have enough tenacity to see it through. . . eventually. My fabric and pattern purchases are smarter; my stashes are smaller; my wardrobe is growing and getting regularly worn. I feel like I’m finally reaching a point where I know what looks good on me, I know what I like, and I know what I’m comfortable wearing. I’m learning to identify the patterns and fabrics that live where those three qualities intersect.

I’ll be back soon with a summer sewing plan!

Wardrobe sewers, how’s it going? Have you made any life-changing wardrobe discoveries lately?


3 thoughts on “Winter/Spring Sewing Plan Recap

  1. Wow, you stuck to your plan really well! I like to sketch up plans at the start of every month, but it’s rare that I finish even half of them! I feel like what I do finish is what was meant to be, though, so it all works out.

    • That’s a good way to look at it. I’m such an over-planner! I really need to work on that this fall, since I’m already working on another grand, sweeping plan for summer. Oh well–maybe I’ll learn someday. . .

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