A Red, White, and Blue Refashion

Yesterday was a cutting day. After what felt like a looooong afternoon (it was more like two hours or so), I now have five project boxes full of freshly cut fabrics just waiting to head to the machine. I’m very excited for a brand new batch of projects; I’m less excited about the slipcovers I have to make for my parents first.

That, however, is not the point! I have recently dipped my toe into the realm of refashioning (is that a mixed metaphor?) and thought I would toss up a quick post to show you how it went.

Here’s a thing about me: I never wear holiday appropriate colors for holidays. I NEVER wear red or green on Christmas, pink on Valentine’s Day, orange on Halloween, or the hues of “Old Glory” on Independence Day. I don’t know why; I just won’t.

However, I will wear red, white, and blue together on off days (same with red and green). Which is why I’m showing you this outfit today, but I’m certainly NOT wearing it 🙂

Remember this top? If you do, then we’ve been friends for a while!

New Look 6107 china jerseyNew Look 6107 china jersey sleeve

This is a modified New Look 6107 sewn in a jersey rather than a woven. I always liked the top, but I found that I never wanted to wear it. Since I don’t keep things I never wear, I had to find a way to make it wearable or get rid of it. After pondering the problem, I realized it was the sleeves.

So, I cut them off, added some (very deep!) darts to close up the gaping armholes, sewed on some narrow binding, topstitched with a twin needle and bam! I now have a summer top I actually want to wear (and have worn quite a few times since finishing it!).

Knit NL6107 Refashion

I realized that it would pair nicely with my red Moss, which is lovely because I’ve been on a quest to figure out what I should wear with it.

NL6107 1

NL6107 2



And since I never showed you any Moss detail shots, here’s a little glimpse of the insides. (Red is so hard to photograph! In reality, the fabric doesn’t hurt your retinas.)

And that’s it.

NL6107 Moss

I plan to do more analysis of my wardrobe in the coming months, particularly as I gear up for a new school year. My goal is to find what I don’t wear and then figure out why. I hope I’ll discover some sewing mistakes to avoid in the process (i.e. puffy sleeves are not for me!).

Farewell, friends! I hope you’re all having a lovely Fourth of July! (Even if you’re in a country where it’s not a holiday–have a great day anyway! 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “A Red, White, and Blue Refashion

  1. Love the remake top! I tried the moss skirt but kinda failed. That lapped zipper made my head hurt 🙂 I love the skirt despite my lack of skill 🙂

    • Confession: My first time inserting this zipper, it was getting late and I was NOT getting it. I almost broke down and cried! So, I put it away and came back the next day and things clicked for me! Did you see the tutorial Jen put on her blog? I found it really helpful.

  2. I am starting to delve into the realms of refashioning too. I seem to get that scared/excited feeling when I’m about to cut things up and then there’s the anticipation of whether it will turn out well or not! Love your top as it now has a more ‘vintage’ feel!

    • Thank you! Refashioning IS a risky business. This one wasn’t too scary, but I have another project in mind that could be disastrous. I’m a little frightened to do it because I love the fabric so much–but we’ll see!

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