Looking-Glass Archer (We’re All Mad Here. . .)

Has it ever taken you so long to complete a project that when you finally DO complete it, you just want to sit and bask in it’s completed glory for a while? And then while you’re basking in the glory, you realize you made a rather egregious error in construction?


Navy Archer 2

Welcome to the world, navy Archer! Let’s have a chat about you. . .

As I have made this pattern four other times, you would think that I would know what I’m doing at this point. For instance, that I would know which way the sleeve pleats face (I always have to check. Every. Time.), or which side of the cuffs belong to the button and which to the buttonhole, or WHICH SIDE OF THE SHIRT NEEDS BUTTONHOLES.

Archer Button Fails

What is particularly remarkable about this rendition of the Archer is that I managed to do the button plackets on the front correctly, but when I went to sew on the buttonholes, I put them on the wrong side. Never once during the process becoming aware of the terrible mistake I was making. In fact, I didn’t notice until I’d been wearing the shirt for a few hours.

Sigh. . . honestly. . .

However, I think since the navy is so dark, no one else on the planet would either notice or care. And if they do, well, they’re obviously a super judgy-pants sort of person and they officially don’t count.

Navy Archer 3


Full disclosure–I made the same mistake on the cuffs. I realized the problem, though, before I opened the buttonholes, so I just sewed buttons on top of them. No one cares. It’s fine.

Will either of these issues stop me from wearing the crap out of this shirt? NOPE.

Navy Archer 4


Even though I have now made this shirt five times, I’m still dreaming of more, In particular, I want a sleeveless version. But, there’s work to be done on the shoulders and armholes before that happens.

Navy Archer 1


And that, my friends, marks the end of my winter/spring sewing plan from January (or was it December?). It feels SO good to be done with it. My shift dress trials really slowed things down for a long while. I’ll do a wrap up post shortly, and then it’s on to new adventures!


10 thoughts on “Looking-Glass Archer (We’re All Mad Here. . .)

  1. I ALWAYS have to check to see which side the buttonholes go on. I read on another blog, a tip for remembering: “A woman is always right,” but I can never remember whether that means the buttonholes go on the right or the buttons. It’s the buttonholes but I won’t remember that next time.

    • That’s actually helpful! If you just remember that the right goes on top, then you automatically know it needs to be buttonholes. I will TRY to keep that in mind for next time.

  2. I find shirt making the thing that I am most likely to make mistakes – I think partly because so much precision is required and perhaps because I am talking myself subconsciously into sewing on collars back to front, buttons on the wrong side, buttonholes on the wrong side…usually after checking several times first. Thankfully, I’ve managed to save the mistakes, or if the shirt was for me and not too noticeable to others, I’d just wear it anyway!

    • Oh, yes–SO many little bits and pieces. Which is partly what I really enjoy about shirt making, and partly what drives me nuts! In this case, I just wasn’t paying attention, and I mistakenly used a shirt on which I’d done the buttons backwards for a reference. Oops!

  3. Just say you were inspired by the Japanese when you sewed the buttonholes. A Japanese lady once told me that she always found it really odd how Western women overlap their clothes. In Japan the way we do it is apparently what they do when someone has died…

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