Fool Me Twice

Friends. . . sigh. . .

Remember this top? The top that would have been a dress, but because of terribly off-grain fabric, there wasn’t enough for the skirt?

It happened again. This time, I paused for pictures.

Off grain jersey

Here you see some cotton jersey which I purchased from Girl Charlee (which still is my favorite source for knits!), the same place I got the watercolor jersey for the not-a-dress peplum. I have finally gotten it folded on the grain. You see the problem? Of course you do! It has been cut wildly off-grain.

In this case, the problem begins with the fabric itself. The pattern, while it seems to run true on the vertical grain is actually running on a diagonal cross-wise. I guess that was intended since the patterns themselves aren’t crooked.


Unfortunately, whoever cut the fabric seems to have been unaware of this as he or she used the pattern, not the grain, to cut the fabric. The result is that of the 72 inches I purchased, only 49 of them are usable. Which means that the sleeves I really wanted for the shift I’m making (Simplicity 1776, take two!) will not be happening.


So, if this is not the first time Girl Charlee has conned me out of fabric, why do I still love them? Well, I’ve bought many, many yards of fabric from them, and most of the time, the cuts are good. I love their selection, too! I think that next time I’m buying the slinky, springy jersey (which seems to be a struggle for them to cut properly), I will add a friendly little note for them to please, please cut it on grain!

I suppose in the end it’s okay that I can’t add the sleeves to my knit shift as a sleeveless dress is much more Georgia summer appropriate!

Speaking of summer, I am now officially on summer vacation! Yay! It’s my first summer break in three years and I am going to make the most of it. And by “make the most of it,” I mean I’m going to lay around and watch loads of Netflix and play video games. And sew, of course 🙂 I do also have a trip to Arizona planned in July–school business. Other than that, 100% chill for two solid months.

I haven’t been around much lately as I’ve been finishing up school and getting ready for next year. Also, my very good friend moved to Texas last weekend, so there were a couple weeks of farewell get-togethers and general “hangs” that took precedence over blogging (naturally!). But, I have been sewing quite a lot, and now that things have calmed down, I hope to get posting again.

Now, I am going to finally finish my navy Archer, the last item left on my winter sewing plan. Don’t know why I’m dragging my feet on this one–I really want to wear it!


16 thoughts on “Fool Me Twice

  1. That’s a shame. I’m sure if you send them this post they will rectify it. I have not had a good experience and will not be purchasing from them again. I’m not crazy for the quality of the fabric…..very thin that seemed even thinner once it was prewashed. Good luck 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve heard such mixed reviews about Girl Charlee. Some people love their knits, and some don’t. I tend to fall in the former camp since I’ve really liked what I’ve ordered overall.

  2. Do you think you might get a bit more fabric from them if you let them know that they cut the fabric wrong? I think they would like to know for future reference. … mari

    • You’re totally right. But, since I ordered the fabric about 8 months ago, I probably won’t this time. I am definitely going to start checking the fabric immediately, though, rather than waiting so long after ordering!

    • If it ever happens again, I definitely will. But, since everything turned out really well this time, I’m in a forgive and forget sort of mood!

  3. Definitely drop them a line- I had the same happen (with a different retailer) and they were great, although they had ran out of my fabric they sent me a complimentary piece to do something else with- Think they understand the frustrations as 1)many sew/make themselves and 2) its their business and reputation- any good business should welcome feedback … if they don’t know they don’t have the opportunity to do anything about it! – ( sorry-can you tell I work in a customer service industry!) beautiful fabric BTW

    • You know–I’m always so impressed with people who choose to work in customer service! I would be so awful at that sort of job, I think. Thank you for your perspective!

  4. I am very timid about buying knits online. Most sites just don’t give enough information. Weight/thickness, amount of stretch, recovery? I don’t like to buy stuff when I don’t know what I’m getting so if they don’t offer sample swatches I don’t buy.

    • Yes, online shopping is always a gamble. But, if you’re not lucky enough to live near a bona fide garment district, then you have to take your chances! I typically only request swatches if it’s an unfamiliar or a more expensive fabric. I imagine, though, that only buying fabric once you’ve seen a swatch has helped you make very wise fabric purchases!

      • Very true. I live way out in the middle of nowhere myself. I do buy quilting cotton and some other woven fabrics without swatches. It’s just knits that I worry about what I’m getting. After I posted that comment I looked at Girl Charlee and noticed that they do tell the weight and percent of stretch on most fabrics. That is helpful.

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