The Watch Me Walk Away Skirt

. . .

I’ve been sitting here for half an episode of New Girl trying to think of something brilliant and witty to say about Simplicity 2451.

Simplicity 2451

Why is it that the pictures look so clear in iPhoto but so grainy when I upload them to WordPress? Anybody know what’s happening?

Is it possible for a pattern to be so good that you can’t rhapsodize about it?


I think so. Because I have no words.

. . .


And there went the other half of the New Girl episode (it’s the one where Jess tries in vain to have a one night stand).


I did take in the yoke and skirt side seams (just at the pocket–that rather brilliant pocket–actually the pocket is less brilliant than the Moss pockets because I can’t comfortably get my hands all the way in). I love how it fits at my waist and looks pretty great with tucked in tops.

S2451 Zip and Facing

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t know that I’ll make this skirt again. If I want another straight skirt, I’ll probably stick with my faithful Moss. I’m not really a fan of the other versions of the pattern.

Also, since I’m binge-watching New Girl, I’ve decided a need a red Lady Skater.

Oh, right–I did an exposed zipper. It would have been smart to actually look up a tutorial. I didn’t do that. I did my own thing. Which might be a little wrong. Whatevs! It’s works. And–hurray!–my zipper locks. I wasn’t aware it had this feature, but I see now that it is a very good feature to have. Also, I was a bit worried that it would be a little too “watch me walk away” which is probably not the best idea when you work with children.


And then I got over that.

There is something weird happening in the zipper area. It doesn’t lie quite right back there. I think maybe the zipper ends at a weird part of the curve.

Simplicity 2451

This is what it does occasionally. Perhaps there’s a bit too much length at CB?



Guys. GUYS. Let’s play True American. Who’s in?? I have to change my skirt first.


13 thoughts on “The Watch Me Walk Away Skirt

  1. Love the skirt! The rippling in the back can be a combination of things, I’d try interfacing the seam allowance before sewing in the zip the next time, that helps some.

    • Thanks!
      Now I’m a little irritated with myself because I thought about doing that, but decided not to since I thought the denim didn’t need it. Oh well–now I know!

  2. I agree with Elizabeth- interfacing the seam allowance can fix that. It sometimes seems like I get that when the zipper is heavy compared to the fabric weight. But this looks amazing and is super cute! I’ve had this pattern for ages and really need to make it, but I have no idea what size to cut in big 4 patterns since they often end up so freakin’ big! Did you use the size that correlated to your measurements?

    • Thanks!
      I think you guys are right about the interfacing. Definitely should have gone with my gut on that one. . .
      I went with my hip measurement and had to cinch in the waist. But, I think the skirt isn’t supposed to sit right at your natural waist–that was a fitting choice I made. (Which now makes me wonder if the hipline isn’t sitting where it should. Hmmm–should have checked.)
      If you do decide to make it, I’d just measure the pattern pieces first and not trust the recommended sizing.

      • Ahhh, that’s smart to use the hip size. I had no idea which waist size to use as I didn’t really know where to measure since it seems to sit below the natural waist. Maybe I’ll just cut it with extra large seam allowances so I have some room to work!

        • It would have been lovely if Simplicity had marked the hip line on the pattern piece so you could measure how far up the waist would hit. Then you wouldn’t have to guess! But, I think your plan sounds good. If you do end up making the skirt (which you totally should!) check the pocket size. I found them a little small for my hands. Naturally I’m going to be using them a lot!

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