The Not-a-Dress Peplum

It was supposed to be a dress.

“Why isn’t it a dress?” you may ask.

“Sometimes, the people we trust to cut our fabric fail us. They fail us hard,” I respond.

Such is the case with my Butterick 5794 peplum-that-was-supposed-to-be-a-dress.

B5794 Peplum Front

I didn’t notice the problem until I had already washed the fabric and laid it out to cut. It was so severely off-grain that probably a third of it was unusable. It looked as though it had been cut at a 30-45 degree angle. I didn’t take pictures due to lighting issues; you’ll have to take my word for it. Since my pattern pieces wouldn’t fit, I had to cut the skirt down to a peplum and cut out my two sleeves separately.

B5794 Peplum Back

When I finished sewing, I absolutely hated this top. It was way too busy with the yoke and the gathers and the print and it originally had a cowl neck on top of all that. In a solid, it might have been fine. But, the cowl just wouldn’t lay properly. It was super bulky at the back of my neck; I kept feeling the need to fidget with it. So, I did the only thing I could do: I cut the cowl off, folded the edge under, and sewed it down.


B5794 Neck

It’s not my favorite, but it’s comfortable. I have worn it quite a few times already. It works with jeans and my denim skirt. And when I eventually make my gray Moss, it will go with that, too.

I do have a lot to say about the pattern itself, but I’m going to save that for the dress version. Let me just say, “Seriously, Butterick pattern designers? Seriously??”

So, friends, have you ever had an unfortunate off-grain experience like mine? How did you handle it?


11 thoughts on “The Not-a-Dress Peplum

  1. I have never had it happen so badly. The couple of times it did happen and I had to be really creative with my pattern lay outs ensured that I now order more fabric than I really think I will need for a project. I suspect it is an evil scheme of the fabric sellers…

    • Evil fabric sellers, indeed! I am loathe to order more fabric than I need because I abhor scraps. I feel too guilty throwing them away, and I don’t always know what to do with them. This is the first time it’s ever happened so badly that I had to modify the pattern. I hope it’s the last!

      • To me it seems to happen more often when I buy from market stalls compared to webshops. Perhaps the latter take a bit more care to cut accurately. I can’t throw fabric out unless it’s really small scraps so I often use left-over fabric to make babyclothes. You don’t need a lot of fabric for that.

  2. ugh. I HATE that. happened once, at a joanns, and same case where i really needed every inch. but the pictures look great– this is a really cute top! maybe once the memory of the grain disaster fades it’ll look just as great to you– love the moss idea, and ooooo if you had a turquoise skirt with this, hell, you could have like 15 skirts to go with this.

    • A turquoise skirt. . . ? A TURQUOISE SKIRT!!! Why didn’t I think of that??? Of course I need a turquoise skirt!
      I tend to give Jo-Ann’s cutters the stink-eye without meaning to (my natural face looks like I’m about to cut somebody), so they haven’t shorted me yet.

  3. This is a great top! I think you’ll change your mind about it when it’s Spring/Summer. Some of the clothes in my closet, when it was Summertime, I was like, “really? why did you buy that goth looking dress?”. But now, it matches the season and my Winter mood 🙂 so I wear it often. I love the turquoise color and if it’s comfy – bonus! And girl, can you ever rock a peplum!?

    • I think you’re on to something! My mood definitely changes when the weather warms up, so this top probably won’t seem so flighty then.
      Thanks 🙂 It’s ironic that peplums (of a certain length, of course) actually work on me since I’ve always felt so “meh” about them.

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