The “Suck It, Fashionistas!” Peplum Top

We actually had snow here in Atlanta a couple weeks ago–so crazy! (And, as I’m writing this, we may be having some more this week.)

Winter Greens

I am very thankful to have made it home safely–lots of people were stranded. But still, it was refreshing to wake up that Wednesday morning to a free day at home and a fresh blanket of snow. So, I dashed out to take pictures in this rare phenomenon. Unfortunately, they’re all very hard to see.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of the peplum. They look nice enough on other people, but I have always felt pretty strongly that a peplum would look ridiculous on me.

And maybe they do. But I really like this top.

LS Peplum Front

Somewhere behind the scarf and the frigidness is a black peplum top.

I used leftovers from my color blocked skirt. Some pieces are cut on the cross grain which is why they fit tighter than they should and why the peplum flares more than it ought to.

Modifying the Lady Skater was very simple. All I had to do was shorten the skirt to peplum length.

LS Peplum Side

Because the peplum isn’t as weighty as a skirt (and because of the grain issues I mentioned before), I should have lengthened the waist just a bit. It’s not terrible, though. It would have been much worse if it had been too long.

LS Peplum Back

This top works with denim, of course. And the surprise is that I also like it with my red Moss. I’ve never really liked black and red together, but this works for me. I did try it with my color blocked skirt, and . . . no. Just no.

LS Peplum Red Skirt

Couldn’t handle the cold in a skirt.

Even though I really love dresses, I always find myself needing more separates, simple separates that aren’t hard to pair but aren’t too “plain Jane.” This one fits the bill exactly.

What’s your favorite separates pattern right now?


8 thoughts on “The “Suck It, Fashionistas!” Peplum Top

  1. The peplum looks adorable….when I make a peplum top, I have to make sure that the bottom of the bodice hits right at my waistline or a bit below it before I add the flounce. This way, it accentuates my back side quite nicely and diminishes my front just right 🙂 Snow is here to stay in the Northeast…right now we have surpassed a foot 🙂 m.

    • Thank you 🙂
      We Southerners are not used to the snow (as I’m sure you’re aware) so we’ve been completely freaking out! Stay safe and warm up there!

  2. Well, you certainly showed those fashionistas! You look great! I started following their blog after your last talk about them because I was curious but their posts and opinions are so ridiculous that I’ve already unfollowed them again. I’ll make up my own idea of fashion 🙂

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