Redundant Recapitulation

I hesitated to write this post because I felt that it might be a little repetitive. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that I posted about most of these. However, I wanted to look at my plans and their incarnations side by side. Super gratifying! Plus, it’s a good idea for me to pause, evaluate, and soak up the lessons I should apply to future plans.


Red and white tees collage

Both the red and the white tees fulfilled their purpose and were regularly worn while the weather was warm (in spite of the fact that they are clearly too tight across the bust). However, I won’t be using this pattern again. I intend to modify the Lady Skater bodice into a tee or possibly purchase the Renfrew.

Grainline Archer

Archer collage

Were these a success? An absolute, resounding “YES!” Even the chambray, which turned out a little mannish for me, gets worn at home, and I’m happy to have something to wear other than a white hoodie (I have an addiction).

A-line skirt


Another win. I love this skirt for warm weather. I want a million more in all the colors.

Dirndl skirt

Skirt Close

I don’t wear this skirt very often at all. It’s kind of a statement piece, and most days I just want to be a little more quiet. However, I like the idea, and were I ever to do another color blocked skirt, I know exactly what I would do differently. So, as a learning experience, it absolutely wins. As a wearable garment. . . not so much.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi LS collage

I learned from this that I’m not a maxi skirt girl. So, I opted for a Lady Skater over another maxi. Best. Decision. Ever.

Grainline Moss

Moss1Yup–spot on. Love this skirt.

McCall's 6706

Front 2

Ha! Not even close to the original. And I’m calling this one a muslin.

Lady Skater

Different day, different look.

Can I lavish any more praise on the Lady Skater without sounding obsessive? Probably not. I will always hold it as the simplest, most sensible knit dress pattern out there.

I hope this wasn’t too boring for my lovely readers! But, I have to say that looking back over my plans and how they turned out was intensely gratifying for me. I made a plan, and I finished it! I’ve never done that before. But, based on how I’m doing on my second sewing plan (which you’ll hear about next week, I think. I’ve been writing posts way ahead of time–which is weird for me. So, I’m never quite sure what’s posting when!), I may be finishing up another one pretty soon! Go me!

Anybody else out there attempting to sew according to a plan? How’s it going?


5 thoughts on “Redundant Recapitulation

  1. It is immensely gratifying when you obtain goals – soooo rewarding! I wish I was better at sticking to my plans, sometimes I get too excited about new projects that I abandon my lists too quickly. You’ve done a great job, you should be so proud!

    And girl, I can’t get over how perfect the lady skater dress is on you. The grey one with dots, to me, is your signature look!

    • Thanks, friend 🙂 I do feel very pleased, overall, with how things turned out.
      You know, I haven’t been able to wear my gray LS for a long time because I don’t have tights that work with it and it’s been SO COLD 😦 Now that I think of it, black would probably be a sensible choice. Why don’t I have black tights?? So crazy! And I’m thinking about hemming it a bit shorter so it looks better with my boots. I definitely need to wear that dress more!

  2. Wow, you did very well. I’m not really a planning person with sewing. Which I can regret when I go fabric shopping! At the moment while I’m still learning the basics I’m trying to go with the flow. But I agree you look fab in a lady skater dress.

    • Thanks!
      I think the most important sewing lesson I’ve learned is to find what methods work for me. Of course, that has changed as I’ve gained more experience. No one can tell you to sew with a plan or only sew on a whim. You keep doing what you want to do and when/if you’re ready to change, you will with no outside pressure. That’s what I think, anyways 🙂

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