Liebster Level Up

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Level: 6.

When I get to level 10, I think I get special blogging powers! (You can go here to read about my previous nominations, if you wish.)

Another lovely person has nominated me for a Liebster award.

This time my Liebster comes courtesy of the eclectic blog Delightfully Peculiar. I especially encourage you to read her recent post which takes a look at how fashion has been influenced by film.

We all know by now that I’m not great at following rules, specifically ones attached to blog awards, it seems! But, I will answer some of her questions, like a friendly person 🙂

1. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Simple: writing. Having people drop by and say “hello” is a bonus!

2. If you lived in a comic book, would you be a super hero or a super villain?

I wish I could be a villain, but I know myself too well. I’d probably end up being a random person who stumbles into the bank that the super villain is robbing.

4. If you were a garment, what would you be?


5. What do you want to be when you grow up? (I’m assuming that none of us is an adult yet,hehe)

I actually want to be a teacher. I used to teach Middle School English before I left to explore. Now, I’m ready to teach again.

6. Close your eyes; what’s the first thing you see?

Penguin paperclips

7. You are going to a remote island and you are allowed to take only three things with you, what would you take?

I’m assuming that I know I’m going to this island and that I will be able to return home when I wish. I’m also assuming that there will be food and shelter and no wifi. So, I’d take chapstick, my iPhone (for the music and the books), and a dog. If there’s no power there, I’d substitute the phone with a book by L. M. Montgomery (probably Anne of the Island or Rilla of Ingleside).

8. If you could meet a famous personality of the past, who is no longer alive, who would it be?

Nathan Hale

9. Name a cherished childhood memory

Any memory of visiting my grandparents’ house when I was a kid. I loved it there and always had the BEST time.

10. Imagine you had a Tardis, where would you go?

Oh wow–I don’t even know! I think the only correct answer here is, “anywhere with David Tennant.”

Thank you for the nomination and for the fun questions! I would love to offer the Liebster to anyone who wishes for it, but that would be a super cheaty way to fulfill responsibility. Instead, I choose to shirk it altogether 🙂

I will, however, ask a question–one which was asked by one of my former Liebster nominators–which I invite you all to answer: what five people–alive or dead, real or fictional–would you invite to your dream dinner party? Bonus question: what would you wear to that dinner party?


8 thoughts on “Liebster Level Up

  1. I will wear a red flowing dress..made by me, of course 😉 I’ll invite Audrey Hepburn…Cary Grant…L.M. Montgomery…Nora Roberts and of course my hubby :0) … congratulations! mari

  2. Oh yay! And I love all the answers you wrote!

    That’s so intriguing that what you like best about blogging is the writing part (I force myself to write really fast, otherwise, I get too judgey on myself and end up editing for waaay too long). But it makes so much sense because you are such an amazing writer – I seriously love reading anything you write!

    The dinner party question has been one that I’ve never known how to answer. But for the sake of it, I’d say I’d invite my sister and the original members of BoyzIIMen – and they’d have to sing for their food. 😛 I’d probably wear something loose and comfy so I could eat a lot and they would stay forever.

  3. Haha, I loved your answers, especially the David Tennant one and thank you for accepting even if it was your 6th time, may you reach number 10 🙂 Hmm, now to the question, I’m not sure who I would like to invite but I really liked the group of people on 4 weddings and a funeral, they were all very quirky characters and despite their problems they always managed to have a good laugh. I would like to wear this: or a skirt made out of feathers with a sequinned top.

    • I’ve never seen Four Weddings and a Funeral–I should see if it’s on Netflix.
      I would be so scared to wear a dress that nice to eat in! I would most definitely spill something on myself.
      Thanks for the nomination–that was very sweet of you 🙂

      • Haha, I hadn’t really thought about the eating part to be honest, I focused on the party side of things, I would probably end up with a big red sauce stain on the front, haha, but I still love this dress. You should watch the film it’s a classic and very funny. And you are very welcome, I really like your blog. xx

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