I Didn’t Miss It–I’m Just Fashionably Late

I’m afraid I’m a bit tardy for this whole New Year thing. Just after Christmas, I came down with an evil cold and simply didn’t have the brain to post anything (or sew, for that matter. I DO NOT sew when I’m congested. It can only end in tears). I’m still a bit sick, but I’m feeling well enough to reflect on 2013 and, I hope, drum up some inspiration to carry me into 2014. (In my mind, 2014 doesn’t really start until I’m feeling well enough to leave the house.)

Last January, I posted a list of goals for 2013. How did I do? Well. . .

I never finished that fall sewing plan–and thank goodness I didn’t! I’m certain a lot of those makes would have been rarely, if ever, worn.

I did not conquer the sloper. This one irks me only because I put a LOT of time into it. I even purchased two Craftsy classes in hopes that one might get me to my goal, but both fell short. However, a few months ago, I read this post on A Fashionable Stitch that was both inspiring and relieving. The idea is that instead of creating one basic sloper or fitting shell, you choose a few different patterns you like and then fit and alter those to create multiple versions. Sounds so much more doable, don’t you think? 

I did make that plan for spring and summer. I just never actually sewed anything from it.

I did not sew one self-drafted dress. Although, I came very close considering all the alterations I made for my Sew for Victory dress.

For a while, I did sew 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. But then my schedule changed, and I lost all motivation to sew for a while. I still think this is a good idea. I plan to try to implement this goal again this year.

I neither designed nor sewed the perfect purse. And that’s okay with me. I still plan on making myself a new purse, but I’m happy taking my time and gathering all the right materials.

I only participated in one sew-along. I find that I’m not a great sew-alonger. I prefer to do my own thing and work at my own pace and finish in my own time. Therefore, I have no plans to participate in any sew-alongs–unless something pops up that really interests me and works with my style and schedule.

I definitely have been taking more pictures; I can’t say for certain that they’re “better” though. I’m working on it!

I did not post twice a week. Not even close.

So, judging entirely by my January goals, 2013 appears to have been a dismal year of failure.

However. . .

Judging entirely by what I learned, how I grew, and what I accomplished, 2013 was a year of great success!

Let’s just take a quick look at accomplishments–in the form of a bar graph:

graph (1)

This one is last year’s for comparison:

Productivity Graph

(I did January 2013 on both; they don’t match.  . . . I don’t know.)

Obviously, a graph doesn’t best represent the accomplishments of any artist or crafter. Saying that I made one garment in March (Sew for Victory dress) doesn’t even begin to explain the hours and hours that went into making that dress.

But making graphs is fun. And there you have it. 

The one thing that I really did glean from my graph-making is that for last year’s graph, I didn’t have to include a category for clothes that were never worn. It turns out, I did really well (not perfectly, mind you) at only making clothes that I would wear. Which brings me to three important developments that really sum up my 2013 sewing year:

First, I got a new, reliable sewing machine. True, it happened very late in the year, but it is a huge part of what I’ve been able to accomplish of late.

Second, I finally became honest with myself about how I really like to dress and what I really need to dress for.

And third, I began to sew a harmonious wardrobe, not just individual pieces.

The result of these three developments is that I’ve become happily productive these past few months. True, my blog has been rather quiet, but who has time to blog when you have lovely, wearable clothes to make? 😉 Okay–true–most of you out there do. And to be honest, my blog silence is generally due to not having pictures of things I need to have pictures of.

Let’s finish up with a tiny Top Two List: Top Two Disappointments and Top Two Successes.

First in the disappointment category is my Colette Beignet–which I never blogged about but did include in Me Made May ’13.

Ugh--another cloudy day.

I should have known better really–a high-waisted style on a short waisted person doesn’t seem like the best idea. Also, the fabric I chose–while really lovely–was far too thick for the job making the covered buttons, belt loops, and buttonholes an absolute nightmare to work with.

Other than for its brief May appearance, I never wore this skirt. Since the twill is so sturdy, I plan on trying to refashion it into a handbag. We’ll see how that goes.

My second disappointment is my Sew For Victory Dress. I am still proud of the work I put in–learning to draft and sew a shawl collar, completely reworking the shape of the bodice to include sleeves and gathers, matching the pattern at many of the bodice seams–several things I’d never attempted before making this dress.

SFV Dress 1

In the end, however, I wasn’t happy with the fit or the style of the dress. I made it to work more for a sew-along and not so much for myself. The dress was later refashioned into my most favorite party dress to date–which I’m very sorry I never got decent pictures of.

Now, a couple of successes.

First, my little a-line skirt, which I drafted myself and got to use adorable fabric for, is probably the biggest sewing surprise of the year. I had no idea I would love the style and the process as much as I did. I’m so looking forward to whipping up a few more for summer. Perhaps I will even find some lovely wool for a winter variation or two.


And finally, quite possibly my top success of the year, my navy Lady Skater. Not so much for the dress itself, though it is so comfy and lovely, but because it has started me down a new knit dress road. I have so many ideas for variations that I can’t wait to try. And I can be confident moving forward with them because the dress fits me so well.

Different day, different look.

I would like to give a shout out to my Archers, but I’m still working on my last one (too busy and sick to finish in time for Archer Appreciation Month, but that’s okay). Here’s a sneak peak at the awesomeness (the pattern, not my sewing–but more on that later. . .):

White5Wow–I was planning on this being a short little “Farewell, 2013” post, but it just grew and grew. . .  Before I go, I really would like to thank some people. 

First, thank you to all my new subscribers and followers! I’m very happy to have you–even the quiet ones 🙂 (I tend to be a silent stalker myself, so I get it. Read in peace, my friends!) 

And to those who’ve been around for a long while–thank you for sticking with me! Blogging can be scary business, but having friends who regularly drop by makes it all worthwhile. 

Happy 2014, lovelies! Let’s make it fantastic 🙂 


3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Miss It–I’m Just Fashionably Late

  1. I have read your past posts and now this one, and all I can say is … ‘well done!’. You have learned so much. So good of you to share…what an inspiration you are to me Jenny. I am also short waisted and high waist garments, just don’t work for me. :0( m.b.

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