A Merry Not-So-Mini Moss

I have mixed feelings about this skirt. I love it the way it is; I also want to change it. 


First of all, this pattern is fantastic; I wouldn’t change a thing.

My skirt is so, so comfortable; if I had more pieces to wear with it, I would probably break it out at least once a week. However, it is red. A very, very deeply committed red. Which I love. But, it doesn’t play nicely with everything in my closet. It plays nicely with very few things in my closet.

So, the color is the first issue. The comfort is actually the second.

Because the skirt fits so far below my actual waist, it looks really horrible when I try to tuck shirts in. The fabric is a stretch twill, so it probably sits lower than it should.

I chose my size based on my hip measurement. Rather than make a muslin, I basted the skirt together at the side and center back seams to check the fit. I ended up having to take it in two inches at the waist. The stretch in the fabric makes it an overly forgiving skirt.


If I were going to make a skirt like this again, I would make the waist smaller so that it would sit at my natural waist. That way, I could wear little blouses tucked in. I’ve experimented with pinning this skirt, and it really does look very cute sitting at my natural waist line. I’ve even thought about taking it apart and making the adjustment, but it just seems like so much work. I don’t know–I just might do it someday.


The tee I’m wearing is another Sewing with Knits t-shirt. It has been worn several times and is already becoming dingy. That doesn’t bother me so much because there are a few problems with this shirt that need to be remedied the next time around.

White tee2

First, I hate the hems. Hate, hate, hate. My method, at the time, for hemming was to use 1/2″ Steam to Seam Lite (which I still use for hemming) to iron a temporary hem in. Then I would stitch over that with a tricot stitch (or a 3-step zig zag as it is also called, I believe). This stitch didn’t bother me the first few times I used it. But now, I hate it. I want it to die. It just looks bad. And it doesn’t keep my hem from rolling up as it was intended to do.

Interestingly, the hem I sewed for the red version of this tee (the one with the curved hem) doesn’t have this problem at all. And I just used a single line of stretch stitches. I suppose the curved hem keeps it from flipping. (I haven’t experimented with a twin needle on my new machine yet. In the past, I’ve consistently had trouble with the bobbin thread pulling out no matter how high I crank the tension. I hope that my Janome knows how to behave itself with a twin needle.)

White tee1

Also, as I mentioned with the red tee, the armholes are too big in the back. They ripple around my shoulders.

And finally, the neck band refuses to lie down nicely. The first time I sewed this type of neck band, it turned out perfectly. Ever since then, I’ve had no luck with this pattern. I was very surprised the first time I sewed up a Lady Skater that the neckband was just fine.

In spite of its issues, the white tee is very comfortable. I imagine that once I make a decent replacement or two, this tee will join the ranks of my lounge wear.


I think very high on my priority list for future sewing plans is some more tops for this skirt. As it turns out, I don’t really like many of the ones that I already have. And it’s really hard to make outfits with a red skirt. Do this: go to Pinterest, search for “red skirt”, and then look at all the results. 95% of the time, the red skirts will be paired with black and white. Sometimes grey. Maybe some aqua. But mostly black and white. And I sort of get that. Black and white over a red skirt is a pretty killer combo–very bold and punchy. So, I think when I get started on tops for this unapologetically red skirt, I’ll probably stick with black and white prints.

Can I just say that I really love being able to build off of things I’ve already made? Things I actually like?? Man–sewing a wardrobe is the best EVER. 


24 thoughts on “A Merry Not-So-Mini Moss

  1. I think the skirt is super cute! The finish looks totally profesh. Maybe you just need to make some shirts that will match it. 🙂 I’d love to make some T-shirts- hopefully someday I’ll actually have the time.

    • Thanks! I’m not going to lie–there were some tense moments putting in the fly zipper. There may have even been some temperamental stamping of the foot and throwing of the hissy fit. But, I’m very happy with how it turned out. I think I’m going to take a cue from Pinterest and make some black and white tops for it.

  2. You made the skirt I want! I’m waiting to have the baby to get started but ‘red’ is pretty much a neutral in my book. I think it looks good with everything 🙂 And I wanted my red skirt to be a Moss skirt so if you don’t like it anymore, just ship it to me 🙂 I’ll ship some other fabric in return 😉

    • Ha 🙂 Too bad I love it so! It is the MOST comfortable skirt. I highly recommend using a twill with some stretch to it. I had to remove some ease, but it was worth it.
      Fuchsia is probably my “bold neutral.” I have a pair of fuchsia mocs that I wear with simply everything.

  3. I also really like red but find it sooo difficult to combine it with other things, so good idea to make some tops that match the skirt you love! And since you like the skirt so much, why not make another one with the adjustments you mentioned that matches some of the tops you already have?

    • How is it possible that I didn’t think of something so obvious as navy and white stripes??? I LOVE navy and white stripes! Yes. That will happen. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. I think the skirt looks great on you! But I get what you mean about wanting the waistline higher for tucked in shirts. But I think this outfit combo looks amazing on you – I totally agree that I love the shoes as well!

    I also hate hemming anything and everything! Sometimes I’ll be really happy with something I’ve made up until the hem finishing, and then I’ll rush through it and end up ruining the garment (maybe not ruining, but it looks less professional than desired). I think this is why I finish a lot of knits with cuffs. I’ve never tried steam to seam – is it like fusible interfacing? Or more like glue?

    • Thanks, girl!
      HEMMING–UGH!!! I think it’s the actual turning of the hem that bothers me most–not so much the sewing. This is why I don’t mind hemming knits so much anymore–the Steam-a-Seam is like magic for knits. It’s more like a lightweight strip of fusible web. It has a paper backing, so you can press it into place on one side, then remove the paper and press it into place on the other. Like double-sided tape. It washes out eventually, so it’s definitely not permanent. But it’s sooo great for giving knits a nice, crisp folded edge.

    • I just can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Based on my next round of sewing projects, I have a clear obsession with navy.
      You’re going to love the Moss–it’s so lovely!

  5. I’m with sewbusylizzy – navy and white look great with a read skirt, although if you then want to wear tights, the navy can be hard to match. But I do wear navy a lot with my red Kelly. A taupe colour might work too? Or grey?

  6. Ha, I have some ‘might alter this sometimes’ skirts too! The ‘sometimes’ could just as well be replaced by ‘never’, in my case 😉 Your skirt is lovely! Great colour. I agree that navy would be a good combo too, and maybe mustard yellow?

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