A Short Post About a Long Skirt

At first, I was super excited about the maxi skirts. And then I made one.

Here’s the problem. It was too big. So, I made it much smaller.


And then it was still too big. And to shrink it again would mean losing some of the length that I so wanted.

So, when I wear it, there’s always the slight danger of it slipping down much farther than it really ought to.


But it is super comfortable.

But it is also hard to put together outfits with. Most tops make me look extra frumpy rather than sleek and stylish like all the girls on Pinterest. So, that’s something to work on.


But, it is super comfortable. It’s what I wear when I Just. Don’t. Even. . .

So, we have a bit of a complicated relationship. But it’s fine. We’re working on it.


4 thoughts on “A Short Post About a Long Skirt

  1. I am so with you: what is it with the super stylish maxi skirt wearing girls on Pinterest???!!! I look like my own granny on a bad day in a maxi skirt and they all look so great and glamorous. It’s just not fair!

  2. LOL. I know what you mean, I have never been able to pull off a maxi skirt, but I think it’s almost more because I find it difficult to walk in, without stepping on it, getting it caught on stairs, etc. than how it looks. It’s almost a danger!

    • I do feel like a pretty little princess having to daintily lift my skirt to walk up steps or step over puddles. An increased aura of “prissiness”, I think, is the real danger here.

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