Twinkle, Twinkle Lady Skater

Bask, my friends, in the soft, twinkly glow.

Gray LS3

I may have perfected the fit of the Lady Skater. The back waist is still a bit low, but it’s not as tragic a flaw in the back as it could be in the front. Other than that, it is exactly as it should be.

Gray LS2

This fabric is a cotton/lycra knit, so it’s super stretchy with good recovery. The silver pin dots are not woven into the fabric; rather, they are like little dots of glue. They have the consistency of dried hot glue–though I suspect they are a bit more permanent! They do make it a bit tricky to sew and iron.

Gray LS1

Wherever possible, I only pressed the wrong side of the fabric. If I had to press on the right side (such as when turning the hem), I used a press cloth. When sewing, I simply had to be very cautious since the little dots occasionally got stuck in the throat plate and had to be freed without pulling the fabric out of place. It was not fun.

Gray LS4

In the end, I am more than pleased with this dress and so glad I opted for a Lady Skater rather than a maxi which I wouldn’t have worn nearly as often.


11 thoughts on “Twinkle, Twinkle Lady Skater

  1. This is literally the perfect dress for your figure!
    I love the color of the dress, too! Do you think the dots would melt if you put the dress in the (gasp) dryer? (I dunno, am I the only one that still uses a dryer?)
    Love it!

    • Do people not use dryers any more?? I’m so out of the loop! It actually does just fine in the dryer. I used a medium heat setting rather than high, though.

      • I think my sewing teacher has made me paranoid about hand washing and hang drying EVERYTHING. But I still love my dryer, I do the same thing and dry the knits I make on lower settings (but I think she would frown upon that, too).

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