Springtime Birds in Winter Weather

Well. . . Atlanta winter weather. Which means who knows what the crap the weather will be like.

Finally–some pictures! Today, I rushed home from work because it was not raining, a short break in a long, long line of wet, icky days. Knowing that this would be my only opportunity for the foreseeable future (seriously–you should see our weather forecast. Nothing but rain), I did a ridiculously fast series of photo shoots for every outfit I had left to take pictures of. So, you’ll be seeing the same scenery for the next few weeks of posts.


I bought this Joel Dewberry fabric last fall intending to make a Sassy Librarian Blouse. I discovered after purchasing that I didn’t have quite enough fabric and also wasn’t in love with the idea of a blouse made of quilting cotton. So, I shelved the fabric and waited for inspiration.

After taking “Design and Sew an A-line Skirt” from Craftsy, I began to toy with the idea of using the fabric for a skirt. And in the end, that’s exactly what I did.

Birdie 1

The process was very simple. Take a few measurements, draw out a simple pattern, make a muslin (a step I totally skipped), pin in some darts, sew the whole thing up–done. If I remember correctly, I worked through the whole process in an afternoon. I would really love to find an over-sized plaid wool for a winter version.Birdie4

Because I’m really focussing on making outfits rather than individual pieces, I also bought some red cotton/lycra knit (I love the cotton/lycra stuff) to make a simple t-shirt. I used the pattern from Craftsy’s “Sewing with Knits” class with Meg McElwee (who I thought was adorable, but apparently a bunch of reviewers didn’t like at all). I’ve used this t-shirt pattern four times now, and I’m realizing that it’s not a great pattern for me. There’s something off with the sleeves in the back. I thought at first that I was stretching the arm hole too much and needed to spread the armscye ease out more–does that make any sense at all?–but now I’m realizing that the back arm hole is too big. But, if I fix the arm hole, that means I have to fix the sleeve as well and I just don’t wanna. . .

So, I think from now on, I will be following a reader suggestion to use the ever-fabulous Lady Skater for a t-shirt block because it does not have the shoulder/arm fitting issues like the Sewing with Knits t-shirt.


I did play around with the hem a bit. I used a French curve to draw a curved hem (is there a name for this type of hem?). Because the side seams are split open at the bottom, I have more room for my hip area (the Sewing with Knits tee is a bit straight and gets too tight if I give it longer hem). I had a problem with this when I made my white t-shirt (with the same pattern) so I just cut that one shorter and now I really don’t like it. (I also hate the zig-zag stitch I used on the hem.) But, we can talk about that later.

Gratuitous selfie!

Gratuitous selfie

Conclusion: I love this outfit. I will not, however, be wearing it again until the spring. I tried it with boots and it just doesn’t work. Oh well–I have a jump start on my spring wardrobe!


3 thoughts on “Springtime Birds in Winter Weather

  1. Nice skirt! Are you also going to try some of the variations that were shown in the class? I also took it and still need to make my skirt… I also really liked Meg by the way and found her course very useful.

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