The Every Day Lady Skater

When I think of a “skater dress,” I think of figure skating, not skateboarding.

When I think of my navy Lady Skater dress, I think “dress I want to wear every day. Every. Single. Day.”

Navy Lady Skater 3

There’s not much to say about the construction. I chose not to follow some of the directions. Especially with the neckband. If you follow the directions, you sew one shoulder seam, then apply the neckband flat, and then sew the second shoulder seam. I chose to sew my neckband and then apply it in the round so there would be no visible seam allowance.

Different day, different look.

Different day, different look.

The one disappointment I have with this dress is that the waist is too low. I shortened the waist on paper before I started. Then, when I tried it on the first time, I had to scramble to shorten it again. It was quite the process. If you’ve ever attempted to unpick knits, you know my pain. In the end, the waist is still too low, particularly on the sides and the back.

Navy Lady Skater 2

Why am I always looking down in pictures? Well, when I look at the camera, I’m either smirking or scowling. So, until I learn to smile properly, I’ll continue to stare at the ground.

Before I make this up again (because of course I will be making it again), I plan to try the dress on, mark where the waist should be, take it off, and then measure from the shoulders or arm holes to the waist so I know exactly how much to alter the pattern.


I did modify the skirt a bit. I wasn’t really going so much for the mullet hem to be trendy. I just wanted it to be shorter in the front, but I wanted to not worry about being too flashy in the back when I bend over to pick up things I inevitably drop (I’ve become super clumsy the past few years). I do like the look, though. The skirt is crooked because of my quick and dirty method of waist-shortening.

Lady Skater Skirt

So, yeah–if I could wear my Lady Skater every day, I totally would. On average, it gets worn about once a week.

Lady Skater Collage

I also have my first Archer to show you. This was the first project I made with my new sewing machine. The top stitching, therefore, is very crooked since I was still getting adjusted to the super-speedy pedal.


There were a couple parts of the process that had me choking back tears of frustration. Primarily the trick you use to sew the collar stand to the button plackets. After watching the video at least 8 times, I finally figured out what I was supposed to do. The collar stand still doesn’t look great, but I’ll show more detail pictures when I talk about my other Archers.

Archer CuffsTwo other smallish things to point out: I whipped up this infinity scarf with a half-yard of jersey knit from Girl Charlee. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I read several tutorials and all of them require a lot more yardage. I ended up just ignoring them and using what I had. And it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted.

Infinity Scarf

And finally, I made these little bracelets with some scraps my sweet Quilting Friend gave me. It was just an experiment to see how I liked them, but I’ve ended up wearing them all the time! I want to make lots and lots more in all the colors. I sort of came up with the idea myself, but when looking for inspiration, I found my exact idea on LBG Studio. (They had the idea first, to be fair.)


The bracelets are out of focus for artistic purposes. Not because I don’t know what I’m doing.


I have two shirts and two skirts left in this first round of sewing. Although, I’m considering using my gray pin dot knit for another Lady Skater rather than a maxi skirt (which I can’t figure out how to wear like I imagine). I’m just wondering if the metallic will be a little over the top. I don’t know–the more I think about it, the more I love the idea.

Yep–I need a whole army of Lady Skaters, and if one happens to be a little blingy, SO MUCH THE BETTER.


20 thoughts on “The Every Day Lady Skater

  1. GREAT dress! I love it in navy, it’s so classic. And, yes I have unpicked knits. Depending on the knit, it is often easier and certainly more enjoyable to set it on fire and just start again. 😛

  2. Lady Skater ALL THE THINGS! I don’t know if you get Threads, but they just had a great article on taking a basic knit Tshirt pattern (or dress) and turning it into a cowl neck, either on the back or the front.

    • Oh yes–sometimes I wear clothes that aren’t my Lady Skater and I think, “This is not my Lady Skater dress. Why am I wearing this???”
      L.Skater + cowl = wintertime perfection.

  3. Love them both. Two really great wardrobe staples, and so wearable. Great! And I too am a fan of looking at he ground for blog photos, otherwise I feel like I am posting my holiday snaps!

    • Ha! Taking pictures of yourself is just hard. That’s all there is to it. I find it much easier when I have other people to interact with. But that doesn’t happen much these days.

  4. It looks very good on you! Did you have any alignment troubles with the PDF assembly? I am trying to assemble the pattern right now and while my test square came out exactly right things just don’t want to line up during assembly, in some cases I am even having problems aligning just 2 sheets. I am trying to figure out if it is my printer or the pattern that is causing the issue.

    • I do remember having some issues–however, as I found out, my printer wasn’t set to print correctly. For some reason, it had defaulted to some setting that caused all the pieces to be slightly larger than intended (which has never happened before or since). Any time I print PDF patterns, I always end up having to fudge the lines a little bit. It hasn’t been a problem so far. Just make sure your grainlines are straight and you should be okay!

      • I’ve also narrowed it down to a printer issue. It was solved when I set my printer page settings to Letter and printed on Letter sized paper instead of A4. How that works, no idea, but my pattern is now assembled!

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