Block Party Summer

Does anyone else remember the summer that Nick at Nite had Monkees Mondays, I Love Lucy Tuesdays, Bewitched “Be”Wednesdays, I Dream of Jeannie Thursdays, and Get Smart Fridays? I may have the order a bit mixed up, but that was the best summer ever. I believe I was in high school at the time, and having been socially awkward my entire life (and, I think, freshly transplanted to Virginia), I didn’t have anything else going on in my life.  I really looked forward to 7:00 every night when Nick at Nite’s Block Party Summer shows would begin.

Those were the days, man. . .

This summer, so far, I have been true to my word in that I have actually been working on my bodice block. And I’ve decided to go ahead and do an entire dress block while I’m at it as well as an A-line skirt pattern–though it’s not strictly necessary since I could use the skirt from the dress block. But, it would take some adjusting to change the straight skirt to a simple A-line. Plus, I took the Design and Sew an A-line Skirt class on Craftsy. And, I think I’ll go ahead and work on a t-shirt block since I need a perfect white tee. Getting it all done, y’all.

This picture pretty accurately represents my belief that a CF measurement on me is absolutely useless. Can you guess why?

This picture pretty accurately represents my belief that my CF measurement is absolutely useless. Can you guess why?

I have finished watching both Fast-Track Fitting and Sew the Perfect Fit on Craftsy (guys, seriously, I have a sickness) and have been using Vogue 1008, the fitting shell pattern that comes with one of the classes to work on my dress block.

In other news. . . tracing paper for days!!!

In other news. . . tracing paper for days!!!

You may remember that several months ago, I was working on drawing a bodice block from scratch (it’s been. . . a journey). And I did. But. . . I don’t know, guys. . . something wouldn’t add up. I’m telling you, I checked and rechecked my measurements, my math, my drawing. But when I actually sewed up the muslin, it was awful. Far more awful than any commercial pattern. The waistline was far too short on the sides and too long on the front, the bust was too tight, the waist was enormous, the side seams angled forward (and nothing I could do would set them straight), the neck was too low (not that it was showing off lots of cleavage, but that it wasn’t fitted around my neck as it should have been), the armholes gaped–I’m not sure there was a single thing that actually was right.

And some things I've been up to and am about to get up to. Organization and some selfless sewing.

And some things I’ve been up to and am about to get up to. Organization and some selfless sewing.

So, after that disaster, I promptly gave it up in despair. And now, after a few false-start sewing mishaps, I’m turning my attention back to the block. I am tired, tired, tired of making muslin after muslin after muslin for every new pattern I try. And since drawing from scratch is clearly not a good fit for me, I decided that I would use the fitting shell pattern and tweak it until it fit properly. (Judge me if you want, but know this: narwhals don’t like judgy-pants people.)

Once I get my sloper where I want it, I’m going to start tearing it apart to make whatever I want. But, I’ll probably mostly use it as a reference for other patterns. This could be a very, very good thing. Can you imagine? I might even start making things again.

I think I've found a way to make my Irises wearable--and less bloomer-like.

I think I’ve found a way to make my Irises wearable–and less bloomer-like.

I have actually been up to a few shenanigans while I’ve been blog-silent. Things which shall be revealed in due course. For now, it’s back the block–I really wanted to have it done before August and I’m running out of time! Right now, my pattern looks like the train-wreckiest of train wrecks. But, measurements don’t lie!

My completely pre-adjusted fitting shell pattern. How much of it is actually right? We shall see. . .

My completely pre-adjusted fitting shell pattern. How much of it is actually right? We shall see. . .

. . .

Or DO they???


8 thoughts on “Block Party Summer

  1. Okay, I’ve been gone for too long. There i was recommending the Craftsy classes in my comments to you and here you are the poster of Craftsy class addiction already. My bad. lol

    I cannot wait to see the muslin you make out of your blocks! What book/site did you use to construct your blocks?

    • Oh, yes–I’m definitely familiar with Craftsy.
      I’ve been using Vogue 1004–it’s the pattern that comes with Fast-Track Fitting. It’s a fitting shell. If you want to try your hand at drawing from scratch, Madalynne has a really great tutorial.

  2. I just want to say that if people are judging you for starting from a fitting shell instead of making a block from scratch, they really need better things to do with their lives. Kudos to you for working on a block at all! Also can’t wait until my budget gets to a place where I can take Craftsy classes; everyone speaks so highly of them.

    • Oh, I’m sure no one really cares enough to judge 🙂
      I hear you about your budget! I’m most definitely on a spending ban until I can learn to be sensible. Don’t feel like you’re missing too much, though. The great thing about Craftsy is that you know you’re learning from reliable sources–but there are still some really great free resources out there. Stick to your budget–you’ll be so glad you did!

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