Me-Made-May ’13: Belated Summation

I know that literally no one is still thinking about MMM ’13 at this point. But, while everyone else was doing their wrap-up posts, I was having several sorts of breakdowns. So, here I am a month late and all the better for it.

Lessons that MMM ’13 Taught Me:

MMM13 Collage 1

  • Separates. For the love of all that is chocolate, I have got to make some separates. Knits, in particular.

MMM13 Collage 2

  • Basics. I need more basics. Like, a nice white button-down shirt. Clean and crisp and perfect for all seasons. Also, I have NO skirts that I want to wear. And since I am a girl who prefers skirts over pants, this is sort of a problem. Also, why do I not own a regular white t-shirt? I do not own a regular white t-shirt. This is absolute madness.

***Friends, what’s a good knit for a white t-shirt? I want something that I don’t have to layer anything under. I want it to be fitted enough that I can tuck it in. Your thoughts and opinions on this matter are oh-so-greatly appreciated!

MMM13 Collage 3

  • I can always use more simple dresses. The crazy florals are great and all, but sometimes I just want a basic, clean-lined dress.

MMM13 Collage 4

None of these are revelations. They’re all things I already knew. And increasing the knit quotient of my wardrobe is not something I need to finish my sloper for–so, theoretically, I could go ahead and get cracking on that.

I tried to experiment a lot with MMM. There were several outfits that I had never worn before–and several that I will never wear again. I found a few pieces that need some refashioning and some that just need a new home.

I’d say altogether it was a challenging but successful endeavor.


10 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Belated Summation

  1. Lauren (of Lladybird) had a post on her blog about an organic white cotton knit she was sent as a sample that’s pretty dreamy, and her black bra doesn’t show through. I’ll see if I can dig up the link.

  2. I don’t own a single white top, never mind a tshirt! The closest I get is my polka dot Violet! I have to say I don’t miss having one though. I would only spill something on it if I did!

    So can’t help in sourcing a good white m it. Sorry!

    • You know–that is the only thing that gives me pause about a white shirt. But, I just love white; therefore, a white shirt I must have!

  3. I don’t know if I should suggest this or not. I like the medium weight cotton-lycra from which comes in lots of colors including white but I consider it too heavyweight for summer. It would depend on the weather at your location. They do send swatches.

    • Oh, yes–swatches are a very good idea, especially when I have something very specific in mind. It gets very hot and humid here July-August (even September sometimes), but I think I’ll still check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. It’s amazing how many garments you made in one month! Salute to you! For white t-shirt fabric I would recommend using interlock or double knit which is thicker than jersey.

    • Oh, I didn’t actually sew them all in May–just wore them 🙂 And thanks for the tips–I was actually trying to decide between jersey and interlock so this is really helpful.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got burned out by Me-Made May! It’s so fun, and then BAM! Exhausting, and there is no more creative juice for June! If you are looking for basic patterns, I love Maria of Denmark – her pdfs are cheap, well drafted and perfect basics!

    • Awesome–thanks! I’ve heard of her, but never explored her pattern line. Will definitely look her up!
      I think the pressure of posting every day really got to me. I knew it would–but I’m so stubborn!

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