It’s Because It’s Wednesday, Isn’t It. . .

And the crap just keeps happening. It is relentless.

Apparently, I’m going through one of those prolonged phases of my life where things just Won’t Go Right.

Let’s call it the “Charlie Brown Phase.”

CBP happens to us all, I’m sure. When your time comes, I am prepared to pour out the empathy like rivers of water on your poor, parched soul. For, I understand.

The latest of my recent mini-tragedies is that my computer, due to a faulty power cord, is unusable. This happened last week. After a frantic web search (on rapidly depleting reserve battery power–my laptop needs a new battery as well, bless its little heart. . . ), I ordered a new power cord with expedited shipping. It’s supposed to be here tomorrow.

Will it be here tomorrow?


I’ve been fanatically checking the tracking information every day since I ordered and to my very great chagrin and irritation, the package, which had been crawling around California, was delivered yesterday. . . back to the seller.

My immediate reaction was to send a terse “Where the crap is my stuff, you jerks???” email. (Okay. I didn’t call them jerks out loud (in print?)–only in my soul. After all, it might not be their fault.) So far, I haven’t heard back.

I find I am fairly bereft without my computer. Web surfing and blog reading and posting on my phone is all very well (it’s not, really), but it’s not so great on my eyes. It’s possible that I need glasses. But this also means no Netflix or YouTube (I’ve been watching a series of LPs on YouTube recently) or emergency tutorials or inspiration-gathering. What’s a girl to do??

So, I’m tossing up this quick post from my computer at work just to let you know that until this power cord issue is resolved, it will probably continue to be quietish here on the blogfront. If you’re just dying to know what I’m up to, you can follow me on Instagram (@jennylcarver) where I’m trying to be better about posting. (By the way, kudos to WordPress for finally letting us have an Instagram widget!)

I’ll catch you guys on the flip side of the Power Cord Disaster of 2013. Until then, Godspeed.


5 thoughts on “It’s Because It’s Wednesday, Isn’t It. . .

  1. Ugh….. how annoying!!! I’m so sorry! My phone is crapping out– I have to keep it plugged in constantly or it dies– but I’ve got a month left before I can get an upgrade so I’m trying to make it last! I totally sympathize! Hope your cord situation gets resolved quickly. 😦

    • That’s awful! Not having a working phone would be worse than not having a working computer, I think. I use my phone for everything!
      I did hear from the seller, and it seems that I may get my cord by Saturday, which I’m translating to mean probably Monday or Tuesday. But still–better than not knowing!

      • Ugh! So annoying! Well, let’s consider this a sign from the universe that you need to catch up on sewing/reading/weight lifting (OK probably not weight lifting) until your computer is fixed? 😦

  2. Ah, sorry to hear of your “Charlie Brown-ness”. My laptop died last year. The good news? Only about 2 days after it dies, I got a desktop, a completely wonderful and powerful used model complete with Windows 7 and 2 hard disks, for $100. So, sometimes, the universe catches up. 😉 Hopefully you can still chat on twitter with your phone.

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