Me-Made-May ’13: Day 29


Moving on…


This dress is back.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m struggling to keep it fresh.


Not that that’s a requirement.

Also, a wee bit sad today, triste and whatnot. But I’ll be fine by and by. . .


Dress: Simplicity 2444

In the meantime, I’m reading an awesome book.


It is The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt.

This book is amazing. It’s set in Long Island during the Vietnam War, a time of great civil and social unrest in America. This book reflects the turbulent times; it addresses racism and prejudice, lost loved ones, mistrust of the government, family turmoil, and all the other perils of being a junior high student. That’s not the awesome part.

What’s awesome is that in spite of being very true to the timbre of the times, this book still manages to be killingly funny. (Especially if you’re familiar with Shakespeare.)

“I almost cried. But I didn’t, because if you’re in seventh grade and you cry while wearing a blue floral cape and yellow tights with white feathers on the butt, you just have to curl up and die somewhere in a dark alley.”


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