Me-Made-May ’13: Day 28

Confession: I just bought Minecraft for my phone and am now completely useless to the world. No one is surprised.

But, I am getting caught on this MMM madness.

You’ve seen this top before.


The only thing I’d do differently is the sleeves. I don’t like how they wing out when my arms are by my sides. I’m thinking either the shoulder needs to be longer or the sleeves need to be shorter. The latter would be an easier fix.


Top: New Look 6808

Today’s (yesterday’s) book is The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.


I love fairy tale retellings. I really do. I will read every single one that crosses my path. This one is based on, you guessed it, “The Goose Girl” (or maybe it was “The Goose Maiden”). It’s the story of a princess who travels to a far away land to marry a prince but on the way her trusted maid betrays her and takes her place. When the princess arrives at Far Far Away, she’s forced to become a goose herder (gooseherd?). Also, she has the ability to talk to animals (sort of) and there’s this unfortunate bit about her horse being killed and its head mounted on a wall.

I can’t honestly say that it’s an actual favorite (when you do this for a whole month, you have to stretch your parameters); books don’t generally reach “favorite” status until I’ve read them multiple times and still want to read them again. But it’s a very enjoyable and satisfying read.

“Ani felt a stirring, a hope, a winged thing waking up in her chest and brushing her heart with it’s feathers.”


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Day 28

  1. gah! I’ve been MIA for a while and am just now catching up on, like, 3 weeks of blog reading. But I must say, I’m super jell-o of your cute tops and shorts combos – I wish I could wear shorts (<– thunder thighs)! But I love all the outfits! And is it just me or is it completely summer weather over there already? 🙂

    • Oh man–I’m soooo behind on my blog reading. I think I have something like 200+ posts to read.
      Honestly, I prefer skirts to shorts. All my shorts like to ride up–so unattractive!
      We’re not quite at Atlanta-style summer weather yet, but, yes, it’s been warm and sunny!

  2. I like to keep “on top” of my blog reading and commenting. (Not rubbing it in or anything…..LOL). I wonder if you made the sleeves longer if they would drape down better? I guess it depends on the fabric, how much drape it has, as you can get the opposite effect and have them sticking out even more).

    • Probably part of the issue is how they’re constructed. They’re self-lined; the double layer gives it more body than a normal cap sleeve. But, after looking at the pictures, the sleeves aren’t so bad. Next time, I’ll just go sleeveless, I think.

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