Me-Made-May ’13: Day 26

I wasn’t originally planning on any complete outfit repeats, but due to entire lack of sewing mojo, it couldn’t be avoided. Whatevs. Someday I’ll sew again. I have to get over my fitting mental blocks first.

Anyways. I wore this dress. . .


It was comfortable. It could be taken in at the waist, but having a little breathing room (and a little party) never hurt anybody.

Dress: Simplicity 1801

Today’s (yesterday’s) book is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.


Several seemingly unconnected people are invited to move into Sunset Towers which seems peculiarly suited to their specific needs. Before long, Mr. Westing, the eccentric millionaire who lives across the lake, dies mysteriously and each resident is invited to the reading of the will. Claiming he was murdered, Westing divides the residents into unlikely pairs, gives each a set of clues and ten thousand dollars, and charges them with discovering who murdered him. The winner receives the entire fortune.

There’s really nothing that original about the plot, I guess. But the characters are all unique and likable. The story is fast-paced and highly entertaining. The writing is clever, and all the clues are right in front of you. I read this book with my 7th graders back in the day, and we had a lot of fun with it.

“Life, too, is senseless unless you know who you are, what you want, and which way the wind blows.”


I'm done. Now, YOU can talk :)

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