Me-Made-May ’13: Day 12

Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all! (Even if you’re not a mother–I still hope you had a good day.)

Today, I was a little bit rumpled–in spirit and clothing.



This was my not-quite-for-Easter dress last year. It was the fourth dress I ever made and there are some significant issues. The neckline gapes, the waist is too low–especially in the back (I think it’s about two inches too low back there), and the zipper is wavy and annoying. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about a refashion. But, I’ll wait for inspiration before I start hacking away with my seam ripper.


Dress: Simplicity 2444

And today’s book: Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins


I love the atmosphere of this book. And the characters. And that’s really important because this book isn’t heavy on plot. It’s more like a collection of related short stories almost (sort of like Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine which would have made a MMM ’13 appearance if I could have found my copy. . . ).

I found this book particularly refreshing, I think, because I read it right after I’d tried to read some books that turned out to be YA versions of “bodice rippers.” And then along came Criss Cross with its well-developed characters and realistic view of teenage interaction.

And some parts are very reminiscent of my own teenage craziness.

The reason they were changing their clothes in a rhododendron bush was cultural evolution. Both of them had mothers who were stranded in the backwaters of a bygone era, and who were unable to grasp many current trends and ideas. You could argue and argue, but they weren’t going to get it. At some point you just had to go change your clothes in a bush.


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Day 12

    • Thanks! I do like the dress–mostly because I really love the fabric. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that I’m being hard on myself. I don’t feel bad that it doesn’t fit quite right–it was only my third dress, after all! Plus, I’ve lost weight since then, and I’m certainly not upset about that 🙂 Instead, I’m looking at the dress with a tiny bit more sewing maturity and seeing how I can turn it from a “nice” dress, to something that I’ll really enjoy wearing. Sorry for the dissertation (I’m sure you weren’t expecting such a long response to your very sweet and straightforward comment!). I just believe that there is a huge difference between being hard on myself and being kindly and constructively critical of the things that I make so that I can improve and stop making things that I don’t actually want to wear! I’m getting there–it’s only been a year after all. And I’m so grateful for the warmth and support of such a lovely sewing community 🙂

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