Me-Made-May ’13: Day 9

Some days are blue.

Today was one of them. The morning flew by with my pre-work to-do list only growing longer the more I tried to do making me unable to take my MMM pics. So, after several hours of relentlessly mundane work and an hour and a half of commuting home through Atlanta traffic, I really didn’t have the heart to smile for pictures.

I set my camera on a stack of books, set the timer, found some light, and whatever pictures I got I would work with.



Skirt: (You’ve seen it before) Simplicity 2564

(I did not make the blouse, but I’m thinking of copying it in a lighter fabric.)

And I think that’s it for the skirt. I don’t like it. It’s too big. And, I have pretty much decided that I don’t like straight skirts on me. I feel that if I can’t comfortably crawl around on the floor in it, it’s probably not for me.

So, in my bluest of moods, I arrived home and took my pictures and stalked around the house.

But then there was pizza for dinner.

And then, I picked up my phone to discover that my brother had taken a picture of himself and sneakily reset my background:


And I laaaaaaughed and I laaaaaaaaughed. . .

And things weren’t quite so blue any more.

However, if you are feeling a tinge blue, I do have a book for you: Mama Makes Up Her Mind and Other Dangers of Southern Living by Bailey White.


This book, I think, should be required reading for all us southern gals. It is an absolutely hilarious series of short stories about Bailey’s life with her mom living in the deep South. In my favorite story, Mama, Bailey, and her sister Louise are headed to a wedding when Mama pulls the car over to remove a tick from under her panty hose:

“You can’t stop,” my sister said. “We’re late already.” Nobody spoke. We were late because Louise had decided at the last minute that her knit dress made her look like a zipper. “It didn’t look like this in the catalog!” she had wailed, eyeing herself sideways. Finally, after striking pose after pose in front of the mirror, she had discovered one rigid posture that was satisfactory, and with the fierce concentration of a tightrope walker she had maintained it since we left the house.

I seriously love these stories. I can read them over and over and always find them funny and refreshing, a cure for blue days.


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Day 9

  1. Ahahaha! Your brother! That’s awesome. I really think it’s interesting and cool how much MMM makes you realize what you do and don’t want to wear. It’s been so helpful!

    • It really has. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently because it seems like I keep making things that I don’t really want to wear. And that’s very silly of me.

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