Me-Made-May ’13: Day 7

This is not the outfit I’d planned for today. This morning it was gray and cold again and I was too freezing to wear the shorts. So, I decided I’d had it with the whole day (at 11:38 a.m.) and was going to lie in bed and play Chrono Trigger for the rest of the day. As it turned out, I really just needed to eat lunch.

These pants weren’t originally supposed to be in my MMM ’13 line up at all.

But, I don’t know why.

They are useful for so many things. . .

Standing awkwardly at the foot of the bed. . .

MMM7-2Looking unattractive. . .


Indulging in Extreme Languishment. . .


And, of course, reading!


Today’s book is Minnow Vail by Winifred E. Wise.

I’ve loved this book since I was a kid. It was my sister’s, but I, naturally, used to steal it and read it over and over. It was written in 1962, but it feels like the 50s. It’s the perfect little book for poolside or beachy “vacay” reading. Otherwise, you’re going to wish you were at the beach because Minna, our heroine, lives in a small beachside town and seems to live a rather idyllic teenage life–even though she doesn’t always realize it.

It was hard to do justice to her grievance; the muffled roaring of the mighty Pacific acted almost as a tranquilizer and a stimulant all in one. The bigness of it made her problems seem smaller in spite of herself.

Guys, let’s all go to the beach, okay?


2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Day 7

    • I. Love. These. Pants. I wear them all the time and I have some more fabric destined to become another pair.
      Thanks! I like to keep the colors cool and calm in my bedroom–I learned that the hard way!

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