March Stash-Busting: The Cheerfullest Blouse I Almost Forgot About

Remember this blouse? Yeah, I forgot about it, too.

I’ve been mopey all week because I haven’t finished anything in sooooo long. I’ve been working on S2444 and then my sloper and then S2444 and then my sloper, and now I’m working on wedding stuff, but I have nothing to show for myself. Whine, whine, whine. . .

BUT, I have finished something. This something, in fact:

Sorbetto 2

And I love it. LOVE. IT.

This is, as you’ve probably realized, a Colette Sorbetto. It is my March Stash-Busting Sewalong project. The theme for this month is “The Changing Season,” but here in the ATL we’re still having winter. Bleh. I used some Amy Butler rayon challis that I’ve had since last fall.

I actually had not planned on getting this post up today, seeing as how I’ve been so terribly behind on my Sew for Victory dress. But, as of today, I seem to be back on track! I know–“Victory” indeed! So, I decided to take a bit of a break and scratch a blog task off my list. Unfortunately, I had to take my pictures inside (as I’m sure you’re already aware) because it’s freezing, freezing and gloomy gray outside.

I did make some mods to the Sorbetto. I added piping to the front pleat and drafted a Peter Pan collar which was quite a challenge to sew because I must have done something wrong somewhere along the way because the first time I attached it, it did not want to fit.

Sorbetto Collar 1

What I ended up doing was sort of easing the neckline to the collar. Of course this meant that my facings, which fit perfectly the first time around, were now too big. So they were ruffling up something fierce. Also, in spite of meticulous understitching, they would not stay tucked under.

The solution?

Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite. All I did was tear off several short strips and tack the facings down every so often. I made sure that I kept everything hidden under the collar, but I was surprised that you really can’t see any sign of the tape on the right side.

Sorbetto Collar Back

I also used it on the hem, just as an experiment. I did not want a machine stitched hem but I wanted to be sure of a very clean hemline. The Steam-a-Seam really helped, but it did make it hard to sew through by hand. So, I ended up using a sort of catchstitch hybrid rather than my typical slipstitch.

Sorbetto Hem

I used French seams throughout (you know, for all four seams). I ended up taking the sides in just under the arms and then leaving the rest of the side seam alone. It’s still a bit boxier than I’d like, but it seems to work with this fabric.

I’m not terribly fond of the blue topstitching on the front pleat. I wish I had taken the time to hand-sew the piping in. I may go back and fix it, but it’s pretty low on the to-do list.

Also, I need to work on my pressing skills. The curve on this collar is not that super.

All things considered, I’m immensely pleased with this top. I imagine it’s going to be one of my favorites once the weather turns warm. On days like this, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be suffering through 95 degree, humid days before long. Right now, I’m like, “Bring it on!” I’m certain I’ll be singing a different tune in August.

Meteorologically annoyed.

Meteorologically annoyed.

But, for now, warm weather is just around the corner.

Also, a wedding.

Time to get back to work!


15 thoughts on “March Stash-Busting: The Cheerfullest Blouse I Almost Forgot About

  1. I loooove sorbetto! I’ve made it heaps of times. Love the changes you’ve made to it, I would have thought the front pleat with a collar would be a bit too much but it looks reeeeally good here. I think I’ll have to start getting more creative with mine in future.

    • Thanks 🙂 The Sorbetto is great fun to play around with–so many options: sleeves, collars, trims. . . This is my third Sorbetto, but only the first that I’ve really liked. Just proof that sometimes it can take a couple tries before you find your groove!

    • Oh, yes–I think testing a pattern before putting in the time it takes to draft the extras is a good idea. And, thank you! I do love the blue with all the bright colors.

  2. You really did I nice job on the blouse. It is so unique and bubbly! I, too, am ready to make stuff for ME. I did make my sassy librarian, but I used a dark print and the collar is wonky. Even with snow on the ground, I’m looking for something all sweet and light. Yours is a delight! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cute!! I really love the blue accents. So cheerful :). And yes, seriously, this is Georgia! Snowflakes should not be falling in March… Come on, Spring. Our colorful wardrobes are getting anxious.

  4. This is so cute! I love the bright colors, the contrasting trim, and the collar! Great job, miss! Peter Pan collars almost never fit exactly on the neckline for me for some reason… I’m sloppy when I draft, I think. 🙂

    • Thanks! Oh yes, the Sorbetto is great for the summer. I don’t love it so much for layering because it’s so loose, but if you get the right fabric, it’s the perfect top for hot weather!

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