A Perfect Storm of Sewing Frenzy

Hey there, sewing buddies.

Things have been pretty slow around the blog lately–but that’s just because I’ve been feverishly sewing, sewing, sewing. Actually, I’ve been doing more drawring than sewing.

Also, we had some pretty crazy storms on Monday. Unrelated.

We had some pretty crazy storms on Monday. We were bombarded by hail. Not sewing related. Except that it’s hard to sew during a hailstorm.

This Sew for Victory dress is pretty much kicking my tail. At this point, there’s not a single pattern piece that I have not severely altered. Actually, about 40% of the dress is pretty much self-drafted. Most of the bodice, the sleeves (okay, I haven’t actually done these yet, but I will because I have to), the collar–all from my tired little brain. (If you follow me on Twitter–@bobbinsnwhimsy–you’ve may have noticed all my whiny collar tweets–but, I have officially figured out the collar, hurray! By the by, it’s called a shawl collar. Who knew?? Not me!)

Seriously. It was pretty big.

Seriously. It was pretty big.

At this point, I’m still tweaking the bodice a bit. Adding the collar threw off the balance of my shoulder gathers, so I need to reduce those. But, seriously, figuring out that collar was a triumph. An absolute triumph. Now I need to draft some sleeves and I am not looking forward to this. If you’ve been following along, you know that sleeves have sort of become my white whale. They are the one thing that I can’t get sorted with my S2444 (that wretched pattern needs its own post category I talk about it so much. . . ) and I’m sorely afraid of not being able to figure them out. I may just do a simple gathered cap sleeve. Not terribly 40s, but the dress is only 40s-inspired and not entirely faithful.

No. Never mind. I don’t want to do a cap sleeve. I think I have a better idea. . .

I admit: there’s a very big chance that it won’t actually get done for the sew-along–which would be disappointing, but the real goal here is to have a lovely new dress to wear to my friend’s wedding.

Lots of hail.

Lots of hail. It’s pretty much the most wintry it’s been all winter.

Speaking of weddings, I am also (I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this several dozen times or not) making the bridesmaid dresses. As in, five weeks until the wedding, and the dresses are not yet made.

Oh dear. Heart palpitations. Breeeeeeeeathe. . .

It’s going to be okay. Making the dresses will be quick and easy. There are only two to make (hurray for simple weddings!). The pattern is not at all complicated. It’s going to be okay.

For now, I’m going to de-stress with some embroidery. Or, far more likely, watch Netflix and play games on my phone.

Later, y’all.


9 thoughts on “A Perfect Storm of Sewing Frenzy

    • Oh, yes–I’m so glad I wasn’t out in it either. But it seriously sounded like the roof was going to cave in!
      Ugh. Sleeves. Someday I shall conquer them.

    • Haha! I had at least enough sense not to make such a crazy offer!
      I know how you feel–I know that all the work I’ve been doing is not wasted, but it would be nice to have at least a little something to show for myself. Something that is NOT yet another muslin!

  1. Holy crap! Ack! Get on those bridesmaids’ dresses ASAP! I’m speaking from experience– start them now! I was really inexperienced when I agreed to make dresses for my sister’s wedding, and it turned into an all-nighter fiasco situation. 🙂 But I sew really slowly, so maybe you won’t have that problem.

    • I sew pretty slowly, too, so I should definitely get cracking! I have started them, at least. It’s been tricky since one of them lives out of town, so I’ve had to mail muslins out and fit via pictures and messages. So crazy!

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