Sewing for Victory: A Cry for Fabric Help

Hi friendlies!

So, I was all set to order my fabric choice for my Sewing for Victory dress when I started to get a wandering eye and noticed some other fabrics that were absolutely crying out for me to purchase and prance around in.

All the fabrics want to get with this. (That joke is probably funnier if you can see me actually attempting to look alluring. . . )

Anyways, I thought maybe I’d toss up a little postlette and see what y’all think. And I can try that polling feature that I’ve never used before!

First, here’s the inspiration dress again:

Orla Kiely Tea Dress

Here are the choices:

Valorie WellsThis is a Valorie Wells cotton voile. It’s the fabric that most commenters last time thought was the best choice. And I really like it. My worry is that it will wash me out–since I’m so pale and vampiric and all. (I’m only sparkly when I roll in glitter.)

Valorie WellsThis one is also Valorie Wells cotton voile–from the same line, I think. I like the brighter colors. I think it will work well with my coloring.

Amy ButlerThis one you may recognize. It’s an Amy Butler cotton voile. Every time I see it, I think, “Oh, it’s so pretty!” But I’ve never gotten it for anything.

Tula PinkThis one is by Tula Pink. It’s also a cotton voile. My favorite thing about it is that it has hidden snails–snails!! They’re no fun when you step on them while wearing socks (ask me how I know. . . ), but they’re terribly cute in a slimy sort of way. Of course, these snails aren’t slimy. ‘Cause they’re fabric, silly!

And now this is the print I really want, but it only comes in quilting cotton and that won’t work for this dress.

Tula Pink


But, it’s not a real choice. I just thought maybe your day needed to be brightened 🙂

So, what are your thoughts?


25 thoughts on “Sewing for Victory: A Cry for Fabric Help

  1. Hi! I’m a new follower – your blog is beautiful! I wanted to take part in the Sewing for Victory challenge but I just have too many other things going on – so I can’t wait to live vicariously through all of you 🙂 Love your inspiration dress and fabric choices! Your dress will be stunning.

    • Sorry about that! I’ve never used one before so I have no idea what went wrong.

      But seriously, how’s a girl supposed to say “no” to classy snails?

  2. I agree that the last fabric is delicious, but between the first three, I chose the pink. It was a hard decision, but I thought because of the dispersement of the floral pattern, it would be complementary with the flowing lines of the dress. The bolder pattern might be too much.

  3. Love them all (including the frogs though not for this dress). I am the WORST at picking fabrics for projects. So much so that I put off doing them from indecision. Trouble is, I love the bold prints but that’s not my style to wear. You can’t go wrong with any and I especially love the red/white/snails. Given the scale of the print I wonder if that would be better as a top or skirt. Then again, I’m clueless on fabric like I mentioned…

    • I think that’s a good point. I don’t want to be gaudy or show-offish, after all 🙂 Typically with me, the fabric comes first. I find something I like and then hold on to it for ages while I decide what to make out of it.

  4. Ahhhh I love the one with frogs! Maybe you should buy a yard of that and make more of your AMAZING bags with it! 🙂

    But yes, I still voted for the pink. A little pink lip and rouge cheek and you’ll be good to go 😉

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