The Cheerfullest Top That Almost Wasn’t (And Still Isn’t Quite)

You know how I was going to work on my crazy Simplicity 2444 this week?

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to do anymore panic sewing?

You silly people–I hope you didn’t believe me!

I have not touched S2444 yet this week. It’s coming. The next time I mention it, I will be finished and then you never have to hear about it again!

I really did mean to get started over the weekend, but I had a lingerie shower to attend on Saturday and it didn’t dawn on me until the previous Sunday that I really ought to make something for it. So, I bought some jersey which didn’t show up until Wednesday night, so I didn’t really get a chance to start until Friday.

I just made her a little cami with a mini-skirt so she can be cute during the day (also, I think it’s creepy to buy lingerie for other people. I don’t really like to be involved in other couples’ sexy times. Maybe that’s just me. . . ). Naturally, I totally forgot to take pictures, but they turned out so adorable that I plan to make a set for me.

Saturday, pre-shower, I worked on some drapes and discovered to my very great chagrin that I had made a terrible measuring error. So, I had to spend all day panicking about that.

Sunday night, I was attending an Oscars party with friends. And I got it into my head that I needed a new something to wear. I tried first to make a quick Burda 7739 out of this white ribbed knit but didn’t have enough. Then I thought I’d use my red flannel that I bought specifically for Burda 7739 instead. But then I started to use my whole brain and realized that I would never have enough time to get it all done.

As I was putting the flannel back in the closet, I saw a little plastic bag containing a yard and a half of rayon challis I’d meant to return to ages ago, but had forgotten about. While I liked the print, I thought it was too neon. And I didn’t have enough to make the blouse I’d intended.

But I did have enough to make a Sorbetto.

Now, I’ve made the Sorbetto before and both times it didn’t really go well–mostly due to inexperience and poor fabric choice. But this time I thought it might just work.

I also decided that I would draft a Peter Pan collar. So, I stayed up until midnight drawing a collar and facings (thanks to this tutorial I found). After work the next morning, I rushed around trying to get the top together.

Let me just go ahead and tell you that like EVERY OTHER panic project I’ve attempted, it did not get done. When will I learn???

But, giving up on it gave me the chance to slow down and do it right. So far, I really, really love this top. Way more than I thought I would.

Practicing my "shy model" pose. Or maybe kicking around a pattern weight. Whichever.

Practicing my “shy model” pose. Or maybe kicking around a pattern weight. Whichever.

There are, however, some significant issues to address. . .

First, the collar.


It is too small and I cannot figure out why. I even pulled out my pattern pieces again and checked to see if I had forgotten to add seam allowances or had measured to the wrong place. But, I still don’t understand what went wrong. It wouldn’t bother me so much if the collar were centered over the front pleat (which I added piping to. I probably did this wrong, but whatevs. . . ).

I think, even after all the stitching I’ve already done, I’m going to remove the collar and cut out a new one that is 1/2″-5/8″ longer. It still won’t quite meet in the middle, but that’s okay.

The back collar doesn’t bother me at all.


Also, the top seems to be overall too big.

Trying to show the extra, but Youngblood Hawke was playing. . .

Trying to show the extra, but Youngblood Hawke was playing. . .

. . . And sometimes I have to sing with it. . .

. . . And sometimes I have to sing with it. . .

. . . And get generally carried away. . .

. . . And dance a little. . . 

. . . And get generally carried away. . .

. . . And get generally carried away. . .

But, I know that it’s mean to be a loose, swingy sort of top.

Behaving now.

Behaving now.

Doing my impression of a rectangle with wings.

And then doing my impression of a rectangle with wings.

So, am I trying to over fit?

Colette Sorbetto

I do think it would look nice with some darts in the back because of my sway-backedness.  I don’t know that I will attempt that, but since I’m taking the collar apart. . .

Colette Sorbetto BackColette Sorbetto side

But now I’m so glad I didn’t send this back. The colors make me happy. And the blue, if I may say so myself, was a brilliant choice. HURRAY FOR BLUE!!

Thoughts, anyone?

Thoughts, anyone?


24 thoughts on “The Cheerfullest Top That Almost Wasn’t (And Still Isn’t Quite)

  1. I agree with Lynn…it doesn’t look big at all, but then, you are wearing it, so maybe you know how it feels 🙂 The color is really fun and cheery! Try taking it in a bit…baste it first and try it on, then sew it up.

    • Ooooh–I like! A print like this with so many bright, warm colors really needs something nice and cool to balance it, I think. I tried pairing it with some orange and red–too overwhelming!

  2. Oh my goodness it IS cheerful. I’m smiling as I type :). I think the collar looks good, I don’t notice it being too small. And, maybe you can just make the side seams a touch bigger to help pull it in a little. Should be perfect then!

    • Thanks!
      I did already redo the collar–’cause I’m stubborn like that 😉 I either did it really wrong or really right because now the collar meets at the front AND back, and I used the same collar and everything!

  3. i wondered if that was a sorbetto. great mods! i love it with the peter pan collar. i found the one sorbetto i made to be quite boxy on me, too. it does want a bit more shaping, i’m just not sure how to do it!

  4. The top is lovely so don’t be so harsh on yourself with the fitting. Having it more fitted will give a different look anyway and I think a loose fitting look suits this fabric well. Love it!

    • Thank you!
      I think you’re right–I don’t want to make it too fitted because then it will lose the lovely drape. Right now I’m thinking about just bringing it in under the arms to close up the armholes a bit and leaving the rest as is. I may play with some shaping darts in the back, but nothing too extreme.

    • Thanks! It’s almost done now–I can’t wait to wear it for reals. Now, if the weather would just cooperate. Doesn’t it know I have a cute new springy top to wear???

  5. Love this! The blue piping is genius with that fabric. I’m afraid I can’t help with the collar, though sorry. I also had similar fit issues with the Sorbetto, but have just bought fabric to make a second. I’d prefer it to be more fitted too, but I wonder if you’d still be able to get it on OK without any fastenings?

    Either way, I like how it looks at present, but if you’re not comfortable with it, then you should do something about it!

    • That is a good point–avoiding unnecessary zippers is high on my list of priorities 🙂 I feel like it could really use some double-point darts in the back, just some shallow ones to cinch it in a bit. I can tell you from experience, though, that the top really isn’t as cute if it’s too fitted. I tried that with this one and ended up taking most of the stitching out.

      I did fix the collar. Not correctly, though–but, that’s okay! I’ll know better next time.

  6. Really cute! I love this! My Sorbettos fit a little like that, too– I think they have to be a bit loose so you can be sure you’ll get it on without splitting a seam. If you look at the pattern pieces, the side seams flare out a bit under the arms– you might be able to straighten that out and nip it in a bit but still have enough ease to pull it on.

    Dumb question, but did you staystitch the neckline? I had a collar that didn’t fit once, and realized that the neckline had stretched out so the collar seemed too small.

    • Not a dumb question at all; I have been known to forget my staystitching! I actually did remember this time. I think part of the problem is that my center pleat is a bit off. Other than that, I’m not sure what went wrong…

      And thanks for the side seam suggestion–that’s exactly what I did, and it seems to be working out fine!

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