The Time of the Muslin Continues, This Time With Dumplings

I am all set to make the fourth (and I fervently hope) the final muslin for Simplicity 2444. And I know what you’re thinking. Well, maybe some of you. (Whoever is thinking about fries, STOP IT. I’m not allowed to eat those anymore. . .) You may be wondering why I’m making so many muslins for this one little dress–especially for a dress which I already made.

Well, one, I really love the fabric I have for this dress and I don’t want to screw it up. It will be the first legitimately cold weather dress I’ve made so far.

And second, the troubles I’ve been having (namely, the armholes–yes, I know the technical term is “armscye” but my computer doesn’t think that’s a word and I’m tired of the red squiggles–and the sleeves) are not specific to this dress. Figuring out what shape of armhole will work best for me is preemptively solving tons of issues down the road! I am absolutely willing to take the time now to learn this new technique rather than skipping to something easier.

All that said, I am sick to death of this pattern. So, I need to take a break and chat about something else.

You may realize by now that my go-to, in-between projects are usually bags and clutches and such. They’re easy and quick and useful and can potentially make lovely little gifts.

I could be like those awesome sorts of people who whip out one or twenty tees during a trying project. But I don’t have any knit. Well, I do have some white ribbed knit just like I used for these pants, but I had planned to use that for this cardi in which I was absolutely going to copy Eleyna and we would be bi-coastal twinsies. I even went out and got the pattern. But, I was short about a half yard.

So. Much. Sad face.

But once I clear out some of all this stashed fabric, that cardi shall be mine. We wantsss it, my precioussss. . .

Anyway, yeah–I have more little bags to tell you about.

You’ve already seen this one. . .

Aqua KL Dumpling

And this one. . .

Old iPhone picture. It's the one on the right.

Old iPhone picture. It’s the one on the right.

I made it a little twin with the vinyl on the outside to see how long it lasts.

Keyka Lou Dumpling

I put bobbins in it.

But, I also made these for my friend Anna (She’s @_hippiegirl on Instagram. She just got a new puppy ((SO ADORABULHS!)) and has a killer sense of style. You should follow her 🙂 ) for Christmas. But, she didn’t get them until Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Happy MLK Day to Anna.


Now that I’ve made my fill of this particular little bag, let me give you some details. The pattern is the Keyka Lou Dumpling and it is free, hurray! It’s pretty small, so it doesn’t require a lot of fabric. I have to say, though, I would not recommend this for someone who’s an absolute beginner. Sewing the zipper on that curve is NOT fun. And after all these tries, I still couldn’t figure out how to get nice smooth edges. Also, because of the design, you end up with raw edges on the inside that you have to cover with bias tape or some other kind of binding. And let me tell you, this part is annoying. Just getting the bag situated so I could sew the ends was a nightmare.

Any outer embellishments were my additions. The bow, I think, is my favorite of the two.

So, would I make this bag again?

Absolutely not. The construction process was not enjoyable and some parts (as I mentioned) were downright irritating. And not once was I really pleased with the outcome. I do think that if the bag were much, much bigger, it would be easier to make and, therefore, less annoying.

And now. . . “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more.”

The muslin beckons. . .


11 thoughts on “The Time of the Muslin Continues, This Time With Dumplings

  1. Ah! Sorry about the bi-coastal-twinsie-not-enough-fabric-fail. 😦 But I’m so proud of you for sticking to your plan to bust your stash first! We shall be twinsies one day!

    I’m having the same issue with an armscye/sleeve pattern I’m working on. Like you, I want the fit to be perrrrfect so that I can use it in future projects. I made 3 muslins and when I got tired of making wearable muslins (it’s for a knit dress) I finally just made a few one-sided bodice tops to try to optimize. I found this article which was very interesting.

    I might test out reshaping my sleeve tonight.

    I’d love to make those cute bags that you make! But I may have to put it on the back burner this month… the curved zipper stress scared me off a bit.

    • I read that same article–I bookmarked it along with a few others dealing with sleeves and such. I removed the sleeve cap ease and raised the armscye, so if this version doesn’t work, I’m just not sure what else to do. . .

      I love making the little bags because it helps get rid of scraps and gives some pretty instant gratification when you’ve been laboring over one project with nothing to show for it yet.

      Good luck with your sleeve drafting!

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about this string of annoying projects! Here’s hoping you get 2444 straightened out quickly! I keep meaning to make some little bags to use up scraps, but they just seem so fiddly and un-fun. I can’t motivate to start them!

    • Speaking from experience, the fiddliness depends on the pattern. But if you’re not motivated, you’re not motivated! I’m sure you’re not suffering for sewing projects 🙂
      Sometimes I just want to pile all my scraps in a box and donate them to someone far more crafty than I. Other times, I’m feeling more inspired and eager to experiment. Right now, I feel that my desire to deal with little pouches and such is on the wane. So, conquering S2444 it is!

  3. Thank you so much for using the word “armholes”. I have been sewing for over 30 years and had never heard or read “armscye” until about 2 months ago. I’m not comfortable with it but now I’m not comfortable with “armholes” either because I’m imagining someone out there snorting derisively, “She said armholes.”

    Regarding the squiggly lines, Firefox spellchecker is moronic. I often think it must have been programmed by 10-year-olds.

    • You’re very welcome. I don’t think anyone out there really is snorting about “armholes.” I have a few sewing books that use the term “armhole.” Plus, the word “armscye,” makes me think of scythes which makes me think of death. So, armscye=death, which in my current reality feels very true.
      Though, if anyone IS snorting, they’re obviously a little pretentious which means they don’t count 🙂

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