January Stash-Busting: Clutches and Such

If you’ve been following along with Cation Designs’ Stash-Busting Sewalong (there’s a button on my sidebar) you know that January’s theme is “Itty Bits,” sewing up those bits of fabric too big to throw away, but too small to really consider for clothing.

I have lots of these tiny bits of fabric, but I’m still working on sewing up a lot of those. I do have a few little projects to share.

The first couple are made from remnants of aqua Swiss dot which you may recognize from this blouse. I used fat quarters I purchased before Christmas (with gifts in mind) to complete them.

This one is a Keyka Lou Dumpling.

Aqua KL Dumpling

Aqua KL Dumpling 2

Aqua KL Dumpling 3

I’ve made a few more of these which I plan to talk about all together in their own post, so I’ll link to the pattern and chat about construction there.

The rest of these are Glenda Clutches. You can find this pattern in Bags: The Modern Classics by Sue Kim which you can purchase all over the interwebs. But, you can download a free sample pdf here which includes not only the pattern and instructions for the Glenda Clutch, but also several pages of bag construction tips and techniques. So, if you are at all interested in making little clutches or bags, it’s definitely worth bookmarking for the future!

Aqua Glenda Clutch

For the first, I used some more of that aqua Swiss dot and a cutesy kitty fat quarter for the lining. The first time I made it, I discovered after completing it that I’d cut the flap lining upside-down. Even so, it very quickly became my embroidery floss and tool bag for whatever embroidery project I’m currently working on.

Aqua Glenda Clutch 2

I tried again, this time putting the flap lining right-side-up. I also tried out some of the fancy stitches on my machine (this is before it decided it was done being sane and helpful). I never use those fun little stitches–most of them are too prissy for me to use on my clothes. But, they’re not so bad on a little bag.

Aqua Glenda Clutch 3

I’d like to add a button to the flap, but I don’t have one on hand and the last time I was at Jo-Ann’s, the thought didn’t occur to me. Plus, buttons are stupid expensive and I’d rather wait until a sale. Though, I guess I could use a coupon. . .

This last clutch is made from a remnant of brocade I bought from Jo-Ann’s because it was cheap even though I had no clue what on earth I was going to make from it.

Brocade Glenda Clutch

Knowing myself better now, I know that I would never use brocade on a garment for myself. It’s just not my thing. A real silk brocade, maybe. This polyester stuff? Nope.

Brocade Glenda Clutch 3

But, it makes a rather pretty little bag, one that I might actually carry on an evening out. I wish I had added some sort of wrist strap.

It’s lined with the same brocade turned wrong-side-out.

Brocade Glenda Clutch 2

This is a super easy project–great for beginners. It also requires very little fabric and very little time. I do have plenty more of this brocade, so I may make some more to keep on hand for last-minute gifts.

One thing I would recommend: I moved the snap closure up on both pieces about 1/2″ because I had trouble top-stitching the flap. The first time, I couldn’t get around the snap on the flap. Also, there’s no mention in the pdf of what the seam allowances are supposed to be. I used 1/4″, but I figured out later that they’re supposed to be 3/8″ to 1/2″ because one of the steps includes trimming the seam allowance to 1/4″. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance works fine.

So, how’s the stashbusting going?

I have to confess: I bought a pattern on Saturday. But, I bought it so that I could use up some fabric I’ve been hoarding since last summer. That makes it okay, right???

Also, I have my borrowed sewing machine now! So, I’m back to working on my Beignet. I’m at the fun part where you attach the lining to the facings. I’m only a little worried about dealing with that curve–if you’ve made it before, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Beignet Sewing

And now I have to go. There’s a stack of fabric in the corner giving me the stink-eye.


8 thoughts on “January Stash-Busting: Clutches and Such

  1. What awesome makes. And killer stashbusting. I didn’t make the pledge, but I would do these projects just for the fun of playing in my scrap pile. Thanks for the inspirations, especially using the decorative stitches. I have a ton on my Pfaff and never think to use them. Beautiful work.

    • I know–it’s such a shame to have all those stitches and never use them! I really need to work harder at that.
      Thank you 🙂 They were (mostly) fun to make. The Glenda clutches especially. The pattern is so simple, I think it would be easy to scale up or down or embellish to your heart’s content!

  2. All of these are gorgeous!!! What great gift ideas. They don’t even look like scraps/remnants at all The closures look so professional! Where did you get them?

    • Thanks 🙂 Now if I can just remember that I have them when I need to!
      I got the clasps from Jo-Ann’s, but I imagine you can also find them at other crafting/sewing stores.

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