On the Art of Quitting

Sewing up my fall plans continues; I’m making progress, but slowly. My New Look 6078 is practically finished. I just need to sew on the buttons (so far I’ve done two). I suppose it would have been better for me to finish that completely before starting a new project, but I wasn’t in the mood to quietly hand-sew on ten buttons. I wanted to work on my machine which is why I jumped into starting my Colette Beignet.

Technically, the Beignet wasn’t part of my fall sewing plan. I had originally decided to make another Simplicity 2209 out of navy twill. My plan was to wear it like a jumper with sweet little blouses and belts and cardis. And then I started cogitating with my whole brain and was like, “What the crappity crap was I thinking???”

Let’s be honest. There are people who can adorably wear jumpers. I am not those people.

Having regained my senses, I decided a skirt was a better option. And when I saw this version, my fate was decided: a Beignet I must have.

I cut a 12 based on my waist measurement, which I think, turned out to be a mistake:

Beignet Fitting 2

This skirt is enormous.

I changed my shirt because I realized I was blending into the wall. Photography 101.

I changed my shirt because I realized I was blending into the wall. Photography 101.

I have it pinned to my shirt to keep it at my waist where it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, it would be resting on my hips.

Beignet Fitting 4

Beignet Fitting 5

Can you see where it’s pooching out at the front seams and the back seams? I don’t really understand why that’s happening. It goes beyond just being too big. Maybe the curve is too exaggerated?


I find it amusing and mostly distressing how weird my back looks here. I swear to you, I have ZERO back fat, but I still look super chubs.

So, I started pinning and pinning and pinning everywhere and when I was done, the skirt had lost its beautiful shape, which was really disappointing. You can also see where it’s pulling in places.

Beignet Fitting 7

Beignet Fitting 1

Un. Attractive.

Un. Attractive.

It was at this point last night that I took the thing off and went to bed.

I tried it on again this morning and took all the pins out. And instantly felt better about the project. Yes, it was too big again, but the shape was back and it didn’t look as terrible as I had thought last night.

The lesson here, I think, is not to over-fit. Also, I think it’s recommended that you choose your skirt size based on your hip measurement and not your waist. I tend to go by my waist because it’s generally a larger size than all the rest of me. But, we can all see here that maybe that’s not the best way to go about it. I can grade up to my waist if I need to, but I don’t think that will be necessary here. Lastly, you need to know when to put a project away to clear your head.

So, here’s the plan: 1. Quit for now. (My monthly sad face times are upon me and I will be incapable of rational decisions until Thursday.) And really, it seems that I do all the stupid things when I’m tired or frustrated. Know when to quit, my friends! 2. Take the skirt apart. 3. Re-trace the pattern in a size 10. 4. Re-cut the pieces and start all over.

Adding insult to injury here is the fact that I downloaded the PDF of this pattern. Which means I have to tape all those pages back together.

There are a couple of bright sides to report:

1. My resolution to sew at least 20 minutes, six days a week is going well. I have done my daily 20 every day so far this year. So far I haven’t had to force myself to sit down and work. I’ve definitely been more productive than I was before Christmas.

2. I discovered that my local Jo-Ann’s does, in fact, have Bemberg rayon lining! No more polyester for me 🙂 Their color selection is terribly limited, but they did have navy for my Beignet, so I was pretty pleased.

So. . . you know. . . yay for those 🙂

Show of hands: who’s made a Beignet? Do you have wisdom to share? Do you think there are any other alterations I need to make to mine (other than going a size smaller)? Be honest now–I’m giving you free reign to offer constructive criticism! 😉


3 thoughts on “On the Art of Quitting

  1. I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud when I saw that you weren’t in the mood to sew on buttons, so you started in on the Beignet… which has another ten buttons or so to sew on. 🙂 But yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for something like that.

    Hmmm, I don’t have any wisdom to offer about the skirt, but I’ve read that it’s easier to alter the waist than the hips. It’s a pain in the butt to redo the PDF (I just had to do that for the Anise jacket… 75 PAGES to tape and cut out again!!), but you’ll feel much better in a skirt that’s the right shape and size. Keep at it, girl!

    • I KNOW, right?!? The Beignet has approximately 783 buttons to sew, so I had better get IN the mood before I get to them.
      I wish there were scotch tape-wielding PDF elves who would come assemble our patterns overnight. Wouldn’t that be nice? And also extraordinarily creepy?
      Thanks for the encouragement! What I really need now is a new BBC drama to keep me amused during all the boring seam-ripping and button-sewing and page-taping!

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