Christmas Crafting: Embroidered Pillows

No creative titles today, folks. (Or correctly spelled ones, apparently. Blogging with a kitty crawling on the keyboard is tricky…)

Now that Christmas is safely past, I can start sharing details about the gifts that I made.

I can also tell you everything that you might ever want to know about iron-on vinyl.

But, let’s do that later.

These are the embroidered pillows I made for my Mom.

Coral Pillows

I used some faux linen from Jo-Ann’s. I had planned on getting the real linen, but I really liked the texture of the “linen look” fabric better. I would never, ever dream of making any sort of garment from this (it’s very bulky), but it works for decor.

I already briefly mentioned my process for creating the coral pattern here; I’ll still refrain from hashing out all the details. I used a split stitch for both, using double rows for the outline. I attempted to use a satin stitch for the one that I filled in, but I didn’t like the look of it. Using the split stitch to fill creates a nice texture, no?

Coral Pillow Detail

I decided not to use a zipper, choosing rather to overlap two pieces in the back (is there a name for this?) because I thought it would be easier.

Coral Pillow Back

It was not.

Especially since I really wanted to line the pillows and in the end couldn’t figure out how to do it with the overlapping. If I’d used a zipper, it would have been SO EASY. But, alas for me. . .

A quick word about pillow corners: I don’t know how to do them. I got a little closer on my second try, but my first. . .

Coral Pillow 1


The second time, I snipped my cording a lot more at the corners and went for a more rounded look. I could have done a little more, because these still look. . . odd.

Coral Pillow 2

But, Mom was happy with them and now I need a new embroidery project. After working on those for a few weeks (yeah, it took that long), I got into the habit of embroidering before bed and now I miss it. So, I’ve an idea to create a whole wall of embroidered art in my bedroom. I think it will be quite lovely when I’m done.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or other holiday πŸ™‚ I suppose it’s customary at this time of year to write some sort of reflective “Year in Review” post. We’ll see. . .

Stay warm out there (or cool, depending on your hemisphere)! I wish I had some beautiful snowscape pictures to show you, but it’s been nothing but clouds and wind and rain here for the past few days.

Oh well–there’s still some Christmas Neville!

Christmas Neville


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    • Thanks! They were super fun to make–and a wee bit stressful because of the deadline πŸ™‚

      Oh, don’t worry–I have lots to say about the vinyl!

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