Some Glad Tidings and Whatnot

Hi, Friendlies!

If I mention the phrase “Wearable Wednesday,” you automatically think of the lovely Anne of Pretty Grievances, right?


Anne recently awarded me this:


Yay! Isn’t it cute? I did a bit of research and, apparently, the award is meant as a thank you to those who comment on your blog. Which is funny because I’m not the world’s most prolific commenter–I’m trying to be better and bolder 🙂

At first, the above award was the only one I thought I had gotten, but in reading Anne’s post with my whole brain just now, I realized that she also gave me:




Three awards in one day??? I’m all like, the “cloughb” can’t even handle me right now. . .

So, I’m not entirely sure what the rules for these awards are, but if I did know them, all I would do is break them. . . because that’s how I roll. So, I’m just going to do what I want, okay?

First, let me give a huge Thank You to the lovelies who take the time to comment. Seriously, it warms my little heart that people read this crazy blog and choose to give me such kind compliments and helpful tips. . . and sometimes condolences 🙂 I love, love, love reading comments and responding to them!

Now, I know I’m supposed to nominate a bunch of other blogs for their awesomeness, but the truth is there are so many blogs out there that I love and also so many fantastic ones that I haven’t discovered yet. And, I feel like I’ve seen these awards floating around out there a lot. So, rather than having the award cycle around to the same blogs over and over, I’d like to ask your help. If you know of a blog with a relatively small audience that deserves some love, do share! I’d love to discover some new voices and talents–broaden my horizons, you know?

I do have lots of blogs that I read, but not nearly as many as I’d like (seriously, recommendations? The more obscure, the better!). For now, I’m going to give you a “You Must Read These Blogs Because They’re Some of My Faves” list–you’re welcome 🙂

Gingermakes: Did you see her Happy Birthday dress? Is there a cheerfuller dress on the planet?? I don’t think so!

Cation Designs: A fellow cat-lover (whose “Sewing with Cats” award I secretly covet 🙂 ) and Tolkien enthusiast–if she lived in my town, I’m pretty sure we would be best buds! Is that too stalkery? I love her recent dolman top with the cat silhouette–so cute!

Girl, Guy, Dog, Cat: Hop over and visit Janette who blogs about sewing, cooking and doggy/kitty cuteness! She recently shared a recipe for candy that I need in my life.

Kim-ing: I love to read about Kim’s sewing exploits 🙂 She’s super encouraging and makes some adorable stuff! I think my favorite is this dress–you’d never know it was a mistake!

i heart fabric: I discovered this blog last week when I was image searching Burda 7494–isn’t her version so lovely?

I could go on, but 5 is a Fibonacci number, so I’m going to stop. I could do 8, I suppose, but I really want to read The Hobbit. I just saw the movie on Monday and I loved it but it’s been so long since I read the book that I couldn’t remember if what I was seeing was from the book or not. But still, loved it. Three things:

1. Martin Freeman’s Bilbo was adorable; I want to put him in my pocket.

2. I may have gotten a wee bit choked up when I saw Frodo at the beginning–when you’ve seen the LOTR movies or read the books, you know all the horrors that await him. I was sort of overwhelmed by his innocence, you know? You might not know, because you’ve yet to reach my level of geekery. It’s okay. You’ll get there someday 🙂

3. Holy cow, Richard Armitage. Holy cow. Bless you for existing. I’m sort of confused about how I feel about dwarves now. But I am not confused about how I feel about Mr. Thornton. Not. At. All.

Also, my fellow WordPressers, am I crazy, or did WP change for a few days? I seem to remember it being a very different format and now it’s not. Did I dream it?

I think, according to the award rules, that I’m supposed to share random facts about myself. But, I won’t. If there’s anything you want to know, you’re welcome to ask!

But seriously, I’m going to read The Hobbit now. Merry Six Days Until Christmas!

9 thoughts on “Some Glad Tidings and Whatnot

  1. ooo thank you for the mention! 😀 and congrats on your award! It is funny, i dreamt of this concept last night as I feel that I dont read enough of the right kind of blogs and every now and then another gem pops up! thanks for the other suggestion! there is a new one there for me too! :D:D:D

    • You’re quite welcome!
      I’ve been thinking lately that I need to find more blogs by people who are my size. Then I can start coveting wardrobe pieces that might actually work for me. Skinny girl clothes, not so much 🙂

  2. Great group! I’ll have to check them out- I’m getting better at being commenty, too. Sometimes I still worry that people will misunderstand my gentle, delicate spirit…heehee

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