Embroidery and Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes I think the real name of this blog should be “Eeyore Learns to Sew and Mostly Enjoys It But Also Whines Prodigiously.”

I’ve just been awfully blue lately. Some days I’m a nice, delicate cerulean. Other days I’m a stormy midnight. I’d say that it’s Winter Blues, except it’s been like 70 degrees for the past few weeks. Also, it’s not winter yet. Maybe I’m just seasonally confused. . .

But, there is much to be done in these next two (yeah, TWO!) weeks. I’ve never been this behind on my Christmas shopping–and it really doesn’t help that I’ve decided to make a lot of my Christmas presents this year. Man–Thanksgiving week and the week after when I caught the cold my brother brought to go along with the turkey (or, as I like to call it, The Week I Was a Mouth Breather) really flattened me.

Enough is enough, right? My spirits are officially rallied! I mostly just needed to stop being doldrum-y and do something for Pete’s sake.

So, here’s a little peek at what’s going on ’round here!

I’m working on a gift for my mom (who is not a blog-reader, so we’re safe) which she specifically asked for: a pillow embroidered with coral. There’s a whole long story, but I’m not going to put you through that. Let’s just say that we went from this:

This is a birthday invitation that my sister made for my niece's birthday.

This is a birthday invitation that my sister made for my niece’s birthday.

To this:

Scanned, edited, printed, outlined.

Scanned, edited, printed, outlined.

And now we’re here:

If you're curious, I'm doing two rows of split stitches.

If you’re curious, I’m doing two rows of split stitches.

In other news, remember how my sewing room became a guest room? Well this is what the guest room bed currently looks like:

Christmas Guest Room

Most of that stuff is going to become gifts.

Except this:

New Look 6078--I can't wait for you to be done! Also I need buttons.

New Look 6078–I can’t wait for you to be done! Also I need buttons.

And this:

Kitty Clutch

That kitty fabric is disgustingly sweet, but I’m lining my little clutch with it proudly. And, BONUS, using up some scraps of Swiss dot fabric that you may remember from this blouse.

I also have a gift for my sister in the works, but there’s a small chance she’ll visit, so I’m keeping it under wraps for now. Also, I couldn’t get it to photograph properly.

If only there were a festive holiday coming up in which I might get a new camera. . . 🙂

Also, to be perfectly honest, I titled this post when I was writing it last night. And now I can’t remember why on earth I put Brussels Sprouts in there. Maybe I was hungry for healthy veggies?

I do need to eat more veggies.


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