Dancing Around the House with Glee

Actually, no.

In my heart I’m dancing around the house with glee. In reality, I’m lying in bed with groan. But that’s okay, maybe after a quick nap I can get on with the accomplishing. Why am I dancing around the house with glee in my heart?

It’s finally time!

With all my summer sewing finally done (well, done-ish–some items have been abandoned), I’ve been preparing for my fall sewing that I’ve been going on and on about recently. I’ve been using my new favorite organization app to schedule out when I need to have patterns traced, when I need to do muslins, and when I should be working on final products. I know that to the free spirits out there this sounds awfully stringent–but this kind of over-organized madness actually makes me happy! Projects tend to make me feel overwhelmed and powerless until I start breaking them down into small, achievable chunks. And if I don’t give myself deadlines, I don’t get anything done.

Of course, because I am my own dictator, I tend to cut myself a lot of slack 🙂

I’m realizing now that October is slipping right by and I have a lot to accomplish before the weather becomes too chilly!

What am I going to accomplish, you ask? Do let me share!

Keep in mind that I live in Atlanta. While it definitely can get pretty frigid (typically not until January and February, though), we have our fair share of unseasonably warm days as well. Therefore, the key to comfort lies in layering. I absolutely hate to be too hot, so there are few things worse to me than bundling up in a big ol’ sweater when the day turns out to be 70 degrees in the sun (and 90 degrees in some houses and buildings). So, I designed my wardrobe with layering potential in mind.


I wear dresses a lot. Even when it’s cold. That’s what tights and boots are for! But a lot of these will work through the unpredictable southern spring.

Burda 7739 in red stretch flannel.


So. . . what I just said about wearing these dresses in the spring? Not this one. This is a dedicated cold-weather dress. I plan to wear it with long sleeved t-shirts and tights–much like the styling on the envelope. I ordered this fabric online, and it hasn’t arrived yet. At this point it’s still kind of a mystery. It’s a poly/rayon/lycra flannel. I’m a wee bit worried, but after searching locally and online for about a month now, this was my best option. Fingers crossed!

Simplicity 2444 in Carolina Black Chambray.


I plan to make the version with the stand collar and 3/4 length sleeves. No sash. (I find that I really, really don’t like dresses with sashes.) I would like to find a red or fuchsia belt to wear with it.

I ordered a swatch of this chambray and just absolutely loved it. It’s so soft, and the weight of the fabric gives it an oh-so-slightly full drape which is exactly what I wanted for this dress.

Simplicity 1801 in Tango Peach Rayon Challis


I know that fabric looks fuchsia, but it’s really not. It’s more like a coral/peach. Very similar to the color on the pattern envelope.

This is the first time I will work with rayon challis. I love the drape of the fabric, but I feel like it might be a little tricky to work with. Am I wrong? Any tips?

Simplicity 2305 in Black rayon challis.

Sorry there’s no fabric picture here. But, you don’t need help imagining black fabric, do you?

I plan to do version A with B’s skirt. Keeping this one very simple. It’s not quite LBD status, but I have a feeling it will get a lot of wear.

Simplicity 2209 in Navy micro-brushed twill.


I originally bought this fabric with a skirt in mind. But once I got my hands on it and really started thinking about how I wanted everything to work together (and the fact that I already have a navy skirt) I decided to modify good ol’ Simplicity 2209 so that I can wear little blouses underneath it (jumper style–but in an awesome way. Not an elementary student way. . .) or on top with a belt or with a scarf and blazer or cardi. Lots of options.

Simplicity 1913 in Fuchsia cotton sateen.


I was not originally planning to make another dress (two days ago, I was only making four. Now I’m up to six!), but I already had this fabric in my stash thanks to Kollabora and since it fits in with the color scheme, I decided to find a pattern to go with it. I plan to do the straight skirt, 3/4 sleeve, bias collar, and maybe some buttons. I’m not super in love with the tab at the waist, but I might convert.

Now that I’m looking at the pattern envelope, I really like the red version that’s pictured. But I can’t figure out what kind of skirt it has. It’s obviously not straight like the one on the right, but it’s not full like the line drawing suggests either. I guess I’ll have to look at the actual pattern pieces before really deciding, skirt-wise.


Sassy Librarian Blouse in Joel Dewberry Sparrows (probably quilting) cotton.


I am not normally a fan of using quilting cotton for apparel (except for this dress), so I bought this not realizing that’s probably what it is. But, I love the print! Also, I signed up for the class on Craftsy when it was on sale, and Christine Haynes used quilting cotton for her samples. So, I figured it would work.

New Look 6107 in rayon jersey.


Another New Look 6107? Absolutely. This time I’m going to play around with it to make it work for knits. I also plan to widen the neck band and shorten the bow. Of course, I’ll also eliminate the front opening and buttons and all that. I’ll probably use a different pattern to cut some straight 3/4 length sleeves. Or maybe I’ll do the fluffy ones. Who knows.

New Look 6078 in floral cotton lawn.


I know what you’re thinking. What’s up with all these lightweight fabrics? Layering, people! It’s all about layering! And not getting too hot! Anyways. . . This fabric is actually what inspired my color scheme. And it was already in my stash! Go me!

Sewing with Knits scoop neck t-shirt in black and white striped cotton jersey.


Do you ever get a specific fabric in your brain that is absolutely just exactly what you want? And then you search everywhere for it? And then you miraculously FIND IT??? That’s this fabric for me. You would think that a black/white stripe jersey would be easy to find, but it wasn’t. I finally found it at GirlCharlee. And I can’t wait to make this top!

I signed up for the Sewing with Knits course on Craftsy because I haven’t had a lot of success with knits. I’ve been learning quite a lot! The class came with six patterns which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Butterick 3588 in white rayon burnout jersey.


I’m not 100% sure of this pattern. I know I want a semi-flowy top, probably with elbow sleeves. I’ll probably experiment and modify this pattern to make it what I want. Also, I swear that fabric is actually white. It has a very subtle paisley pattern.


New Look 6107 in black cotton blend suiting.


I need a classy black pencil skirt, and I think this will do. Though, I may eventually get a different black fabric since the pinstripes on this one are a strange color. Let’s pretend it’s a wearable muslin! I read somewhere (can’t quite remember. . . ) where someone took four inches off the width at the hem to make this pattern more of a pencil skirt. I like her idea and I’m going to try it. My question is, how do I do that without the hem going all wonky? Any wisdom or thoughts shared would be greatly appreciated!


Jalie Jeans in Prepster Blue stretch denim and in cherry red stretch twill.


That red is less painful to the eyes in real life. I find that I’m not a great photographer of fabrics.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this pattern that I had to try it. I didn’t have a lot of luck with shorts this summer, but I know I want to make pants that fit for Pete’s sake. I was also going to make some trousers to wear to work, but after thinking about it, I realized that I really don’t like business trouser types. I don’t like how they look on me. They don’t really fit my personality. Someday, I will have a job where I will never have to wear them again.

Because I said so.


McCall’s 5525 in orange-ish twill.


Why do all my corals and oranges look fuchsia?

I really need a decent lightweight jacket that isn’t too formal, but still has structure. A typical trench coat wouldn’t look good on me because of my coloring. I tend to do better with color. I originally bought this orange twill for pants, but it turned out to be a much different color than I had thought. After a long while of searching for fabric for this jacket, I glanced over at the twill and thought, “Hey. . . ” I plan to line it in fuchsia china silk. I was originally going to line it in cotton, but I was worried that it would be difficult to get on and off over other layers.

Butterick 4610 in the fabric that continues to elude me. . .

I think that I can honestly say that I was pretty inspired by Veronica Mars when I decided I had to have a blazer this season. Man, I love that show! Of course, I speak only of the first two seasons. The third, in my opinion, was a travesty that caused the show’s demise.

But, I have it in my head that I really want a black/white houndstooth wool. Which, again, you would think would be easy to find. NOT SO. I haven’t found it anywhere at all online. Not exactly what I want, anyway. I really want a big, bold houndstooth. The largest I’ve found is about 1/8″. Also, the white needs to be white not cream or grey. But this fabric, apparently, does not exist in the universe.

So, I have to think of another option. Something that works with my color scheme. That I can wear with red pants, dark blue denim, navy and black on the bottom. This rules out all denim because 1. I don’t like denim and navy together. It’s too close. And 2. I don’t like denim and denim together. Turquoise feels too bright. I would never wear a red jacket with red pants. White is out of the question. I already have a black blazer. Grey is too dull. Brown is too. . . just. . . no. I’d really like a green micro-brushed twill blazer, but I won’t wear that with my red pants.

I have this weird thing about wearing holiday colors. I don’t wear red or pink on Valentine’s day, I avoid pastels on Easter, no red/white/blue on Independence day, no orange with black on Halloween, and definitely no red and green on Christmas. I will, however, wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. And I’m not Irish. Fear of pinching, maybe?

Back to the color conundrum. . . how do we feel about a mustard yellow? Maybe in a crepe wool? I wear mustard yellow shoes with just about everything. I could probably do a yellow blazer. In a casual, “Oh, I just tossed this on” kind of way.

And finally, I’m making some scarves out of some crepe de chine and some cotton voile. I actually did not get enough cotton voile because I can’t count properly. So, we’ll see how that goes.


And that’s it! My plan is to blaze through all the dresses and tops first since I have a pretty good handle on those. Then I’ll work on the pants, probably. Followed by the jackets.

If I’m done by Christmas, I’ll be pretty pleased with myself.


10 thoughts on “Dancing Around the House with Glee

  1. Really lovely plans and fabrics! I did a post about my spring/summer plans. I’ve already made two dresses with two fabrics that wasn’t on ‘the list’. I’m hopeless at plans, I just sew what makes me feel happy 🙂

    • Thanks! I did love your spring/summer sewing plans, and I hope you find it in your heart to make at least some of them 🙂 Although, your most recent Butterick was definitely an experiment worth deviation from your plan!

      • I’ve been very naughty and also made a Peony and two skirts. I really want to make a gingham shirt dress, some almas and that red birdie skirt. Just need to focus…. stop looking at pretty fabrics…

        • I’m thinking that if you’re making things you love that you can wear with other things you love, then you’re good! My problem is that if I don’t plan I get a little random.

          I do, however, feel pretty strongly about you making that red birdie skirt 🙂 If I remember correctly, I really loved that fabric!

    • Thank you! I’m pretty eager to finish something! If only I could take off work for a couple of weeks and get it all done at once. . .

    • I wish you luck! It seems that there aren’t a lot of people who like to make sewing plans. I find it helps me stay focused and make things I actually need.

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