Spotting UFOs* **

*I am of the grammar camp–that you’ve probably never heard of and don’t care about–that believes that apostrophes should be used only in contractions and possessives. So, I meant to spell UFOs that way. Grammar geek, out.

**I have actually seen a UFO. I can tell you about it once I have determined that you are not a Man in Black. Unless you are a handsome Man in Black. Then maybe we can chat. Regular geek, out.

The past few weekends, I have, in addition to working on a few muslins and other projects, been trying to finish up lingering UFOs and doing a bit of mending. For instance, the bias binding on my Whipstitch Dress started to come apart at the seams in a couple of places, so I had to replace it with some that I made with my new and improved bias tape making skills (mad skillz, yo).

I also finally finished my Sew-along Shirt Dress. I let the dress out at the waist a bit and replaced the lapped zipper with an invisible one, which looks much better on this particular dress. And then I spent half my life finishing all those seams. But now it’s done and looks much, much better (and fits better, too!).

I also revisited my yellow twill skirt which somehow had turned out way, way too big. I also botched the waist altogether with my not-so-brilliant bias tape idea. I took the waist in about an inch on both sides (side note: I actually like the way lapped zippers turn out when there’s a bigger seam allowance. Must remember this in future.). I finished the waist by just turning it in like a hem. It looks much neater, and I don’t think I’ll be having any stretching issues. My hem turned out much better this time since I trimmed about a quarter inch off. Technically, I still haven’t finished the skirt since I still have some threads to tie off and trim, but I’ll get that done tonight. I was going to do it this morning, but I was distracted by my shiny, new organization app that I downloaded yesterday. I am an organization app junkie!

I put some red bias tape on my New Look 6808 muslin. I’m pretty well aware that this blouse is not going to last me a long time, but I’m okay with that. I didn’t spend that much time on it. I’m keeping it around for now because it goes with my color scheme for fall. Fall! Whee!

And finally, I took Kim’s advice and used the pink bias tape on my Sorbetto–contrary to my own inclinations. But, what can I say? She was right! The pink looks good and is pretty fun!

I wish I had done a bit of research before cutting into this charmeuse as it was an extremely difficult fabric to work with. Especially the hemming. I had to pin it to iron it down thoroughly. Thank goodness I bought glass head pins last week!

I spent what felt like an absurd amount of time cutting out pieces for Simplicity 2475 and McCall’s 5391. I cut them out both in green and blue twill, so I shouldn’t be hard on myself since that’s four separate garments. I have to stop and take frequent lying-on-the-floor-with-my-feet-in-the-air breaks because my work table is terrible and is so low I have to bend over a lot when I’m cutting or tracing. But, I have a new table in the works, so maybe soon I’ll be tight-back free!

But honestly, aren’t you tired of hearing about all my twill?? I know I am. For reals–self, let’s Get. It. Done!

. . .

What’s that? Simplicity 2702? Did I ever finish my muslin?

What Simplicity 2702 muslin? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I certainly didn’t start a muslin and then abandon it half-way through because I wanted it to burn in hell forever.

No. That wasn’t me.


4 thoughts on “Spotting UFOs* **

  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve been super productive! And hey, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with abandoning a muslin every now and again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel like coming back to it eventually someday, but dude, there’s no hurry! Life’s too short to agonize over crappy muslins!

    • Honestly, I feel pretty “meh” about the pattern itself. I know I’m not going to miss it. What bugs me is that I couldn’t figure out how to do that yoke! I’m going to have to try a different pattern with that same yoke attachment just so I can prove I can do it!

  2. awesome! love the pink bias tape! 😀 Yay! 😀 I love that you have done lots of mending recently. I so need to do that! be it on self made clothes or RTW clothes! Although the RTW clothes I was going to mend I have decided to sell … so that is one way to get around doing the more boring sewing tasks! lol

    • Thanks!
      Mending is most definitely not exciting, but it is pretty satisfying to accomplish something in a relatively short time. I still had to force myself to do it though! I made a long list of things I had to get done before I could work on my shiny new fall projects–and it worked, for the most part 🙂

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