The Long and Shorts of It

My titles are getting more and more out of control.

Also, we need to talk about shorts.

This past weekend, I did a tiny bit of sewing. I fiddled a bit with my Sorbetto. I was convinced that I needed to raise the front and back by 3/4″ at the shoulder seams and then lower the armscye and then add armscye darts. After a few days, I tried it on again and realized that all I needed to do was add armscye darts and settle down for Pete’s sake. Do you ever catch yourself trying to make things far more complicated than they need to be? I do this ALL THE TIME.

After adding the darts, I was all set to toss on the bias tape but there was a little problem. I had bought black tape to match the black swirly-dos on the fabric, but it turns out the black swirly-dos are more of a brownish-black. The bias tape is more of a blueish-black (like a lot of black trimmings available). You can’t really tell from a distance or if I’m galloping by on a horse that is also blue-black. If the horse is brown-black you’d be like, “She matches her horse.”

See what I mean?

I also have some pink bias tape, but it’s aggressive and scary.

Which is worse?

So, the Sorbetto has been hanging on the back of a chair waiting for me to make up my mind.

Oh right. Shorts.

I’m using McCall’s 5391. I mostly finished my muslin last weekend and wore them around for a couple of hours to see how they felt. In doing this, I noticed a few things:

1. It was immediately apparent that there was major gappage at the back of the waistband. After speaking with The Google, I discovered that this is probably caused by my sway-backedness. The easiest solution I found was to sew in a dart right in the middle of the waistband. I tried this and realized that I’d actually have to take in the CB seam at the top as well. After the most awkward dart/seam sewing ever, I got them to fit comfortably and not reveal what really shouldn’t be revealed when I sit down. I’m thinking that I may be able to get away with making the waistband shorter so I won’t have to add the weird waistband seam. We’ll see. . .

2. I did the front fly backwards. Oh, I’m so clever.

3. The pockets tend to gape. I have no idea what to do about this other than sew them down, but I kind of want the pockets. They’re useful sometimes.

4. I haven’t hemmed the muslin yet, but I can tell that I need to add at least an inch or so to the length. Unhemmed, they’re about as short as I’d ever go.

5. I’m thinking about leaving the carriers off the final pairs. Not sure about this yet.

Other than all that, I’m really pleased with the fit of the shorts. I think I mentioned last time that I had made all these modifications to the pattern pre-muslin, but it turns out, I actually didn’t. Amazingly, the shorts fit really well (gappage issues aside) right out of the envelope.

So, this weekend: two pairs of shorts, two skirts, maybe cutting my fabric for New Look 6808. (I think I’ve come to a pretty wise decision regarding the lining of my Swiss dot. But I have to puzzle it out further.) After those projects, I’m going to try to squeeze in another shirt dress that will transition nicely into fall. We’ll see about that, though.

And I know I’ve been saying that I wasn’t going to start my fall wardrobe planning until after I’d wrapped up my summer sewing.

But I lied.

I pretty much have it all figured out. It’s ambitious–doable only if I shake off my summer laziness. I’m ready to start ordering fabric and pairing them with their intended patterns–yay! This makes me giddy-ish! I’ve pretty much decided just to box up my warm-weather fabric and save it for next spring. It will give me a good jumping-off point when I start planning next February and March.

It will. I mean it. No, really!


2 thoughts on “The Long and Shorts of It

  1. Oh don´t use the blue black. use the pink. it doesn’t look half as scary as you think. 🙂
    Last time I planned what to make I failed and then didnt sew for a little while. lol. So I will just see where inspiration takes me this winter. 😛

    • You think? Hmmm. . . The pink might not be so bad. . .

      This is my first time planning out a season’s sewing–I’m mostly trying to stop buying fabrics that have nothing to do with my other fabrics. Also, I’m kind of a nerd and planning is fun! But I’ve read a few other bloggers who make a good argument for whipping up whatever they feel rather than plan it all out. I guess, as always, you just have to find what works for you!

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