Fabric Adventures in the ATL

I am making bridesmaid dresses for my friend Noelle who is getting married in April. On Saturday we ventured out to Atlanta’s only fabric store dedicated to apparel fabric. Oh, we have cutesy quilting stores aplenty, but ONE apparel fabric store. I warned Noelle that the place was going to look pretty sketchy and not to be afraid.

We should have been afraid.

It was the most chaotic, disorganized mess of fabrics and trims and people I’ve ever seen. The aisles were crowded and close. Digging out your desired bolt of fabric was nigh impossible. Piled high on top of the overflowing shelves were cardboard boxes with bits of the ribbons and trims they contained taped to the outside. Clearly the store specializes in outfitting dancers and thespians and other artists that require the flashiest of garments because there were sparkles and sequins and feathers everywhere we looked.

Sequins. . .

And sequins. . .

And MORE sequins. . .

Based on what I could see, the prices weren’t ridiculous, but they also didn’t seem low enough to warrant the near-squalor in which they were housed. I imagine the experience would have been less stressful if there hadn’t been so many people to squeeze by or, in some cases, crawl over. I would love to go during the week sometime, but the store closes at 4:00.

I thought this fabric was kind of pretty. Noelle thought I was kind of crazy.

However, they have everything. I mean everything. I dug through a section of wools and silks that made me think autumnal thoughts. Their cotton sateens were lovely. I really, really want to go back when I can spend time figuring out the layout of the store and really looking at all the fabrics they have to offer.

Checking out some satins and sateens.

I also need to figure out if they ever bother to have sales.

But, I’m determined not to buy any more fabric (for myself) until I’ve cleared out a lot of my current stash. Which will be a small miracle. But one which really, really needs to happen. I have exactly ZERO fabrics appropriate for cold weather.


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