I May Not Have Crossed the “Finish” Line, But I Still Love Swedish Fish*

*No. It makes no sense.

Do you know what I realized yesterday evening when I was trying to take a leettle nap but couldn’t? I was hyper all weekend. I really did not ever stop working or wandering around searching for something to do. The upside is obviously that I had energies to spare (most of the time–apparently at some point I did feel the need for a nap); the downside is that I had a lot of trouble staying focused on anything for more than a couple of minutes.

In spite of my temporary ADD (or maybe because of it), I did accomplish quite a bit–way more than I thought I would.

I sewed up a satisfactory muslin for New Look 6808 which I talked about in my last post. I plan on using this aqua Swiss dot for the finished product (or one of them–there are a lot of variations to try!), but because it’s so sheer, I feel that I need to underline it. However, the broadcloth I bought seems to be the wrong idea because it’s too thick. I need something very lightweight that could be worn during the summer. I’m wondering if it would be weird to underline in white batiste. . .

I almost finished my muslin for McCall’s 5391 and so far I’m really, really pleased. After my semi-disastrous dealings with the Irises, I admit that I was a bit afraid of trying shorts again. I traced the pattern for these a few months ago and I have only vague memories of making experimental modifications. Whatever I did seems to be working really well so far. I just have to attach the waistband. (I really should go back and compare the traced with the original to see what I did. I’m thinking I should maybe remember for the future.)

Yes, the fabric is crazy.
But I just might love it anyway. . .

Topstitching on the pockets

And I had no idea that inserting a fly-front zipper was so easy! It only took me 1 1/2 tries to get it right! (The 1/2 was due to sewing along the wrong marking at first–silly me.)

The zipper. Kinda hard to see actually. . .

I talked about Simplicity 2702 (hereafter referred to as “The Evil One”) last time. I still can’t look at The Evil One without getting a little bit blood-boily, so I’m just going to let things cool down between us for now.

I didn’t even touch Simplicity 2475.

Because I forgot.

I did do a Simplicity 2892 muslin–well, most of one. Enough of one to know that I really like the pleats at the top, but that the waistband is not going to work with my shape. I kind of knew that going in. But, I think in a nice drapey fabric, I could make a simple tank using the pleated top.

This is the version I was aiming for.

The pleat detail at the neckline. Is interesting, no? I sewed the pleats down rather than leave them flapping in the wind.

My Sorbetto is well under way. I have some adjustments to make like adding some little armscye darts (why I haven’t started just automatically adding these, I don’t know) and shortening the straps by about 3/4″ on front and back. After that, it’s ready to be bias taped.

The drape is really quite nice.

I did also throw together a Simplicity 2599 muslin. I hated it. It was entirely pointless since I could achieve a similar look with a better silhouette using my well-adjusted and versatile New Look 6808.

I did a basic shell muslin. While some of the details are cute, I’m pretty sure this pattern’s not for me.

While I didn’t actually finish much, I do feel like I accomplished a lot. And like I was saying last time, it helps me to have several things going at once so that during the week there’s always a little something to sew.

Progress y’all! I’m getting closer to being able think about my fall wardrobe guilt-free!


4 thoughts on “I May Not Have Crossed the “Finish” Line, But I Still Love Swedish Fish*

  1. So glad to hear your thoughts on all those tank and shell patterns. I’m on a mission to find the perfect tank that’s not too fitted but not a sloppy tent so I can have some layering options. I have both simplicity 2599 and 2892 but haven’t cut them yet. I made a Wiksten tank which was ok but very big. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    • Those long, flowy tops seem to work best on tall, willowy figures, I think. Which is why they really don’t work so well on me. S2599 would have been fine if I’d bothered to make all my adjustments, I suppose, but it didn’t seem worth it since I’d already fixed NL6808 and it was basically the same silhouette.

      The perfect tank is a good thing to have on hand. If you find something great, do share!

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