You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Inflict Holy Wrath on Others

Wondering about my progress on my Weekend of Great Accomplishment? Well, then this is the post for you.

First I wanted to adjust my muslin for New Look 6808. And I have to say, my attempts were successful!

Sorry for the terrible picture.

Basically I had to move the waist up a half inch, move all the darts, add armscye darts, and grade up a size from the waist down. (In “unrelated” news, I attempted to work out on a balance ball today. Is the point of a balance ball to help you keep your balance? Or force you toΒ attempt to keep your balance? Because I think I did it wrong.)

Some darts.

Here’s the weird thing about this fabric: I have hated it from the moment I opened the box. That’s why I made it a muslin material. But–I don’t know–I sort of maybe kinda like it now. Craziness? I can get it on without the zipper that it’s supposed to have. I’m thinking I may bind the raw edges with red bias tape and wear it in slightly cooler, less muggy temperatures. (It’s 100% polyester.)

But, I’m very pleased with the shape–it’s comfortable without being too clingy or too baggy.

My other project today was to work on a wearable muslin for Simplicity 2702. Want to know how I feel about this pattern?

Trying to attach that crappity-craptastic yoke was the most surreal sewing experience of my life! I’m not kidding. It was like falling into an M. C. Escher Wonderland and I was Alice trying to force-feed elixir on the outer yoke so it could shrink and everyone could be happy and then I was screaming “Off with her head!” to the lady on the pattern envelope but all I did was punch it in the face.

The tunic is now on the hanger of shame until my anger has subsided.

I did eventually (after much seam ripper application) manage to stitch the yoke on. I had to do it bit by bit. And there was a lot of clipping to the stay-stitching. And lots of stretching. And oaths. But, I still couldn’t get all of it on. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how to manage all the corners. And the instructions were very, very vague. It’s like they didn’t even know how to do it right.

I think my next project will be the Sorbetto. This is the intended fabric:

Charmeuse is kind of chintzy sort of fabric, but it does have a lovely drape. And I think that’s what will make the Sorbetto work for me.

And now I have to go wrestle the cats to give them their ear drops.

Yes, all my Friday nights are this exciting. What can I say? I’m a wild one.


11 thoughts on “You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Inflict Holy Wrath on Others

  1. I must say I had to laugh when your garment ended up on the hanger of shame, I have had moments like that for varying reasons, I seriously fell out with a dress I made and the yoke on it was extremely stressful. You always produce fantastic garments, I think we all have to realise some patterns just don’t work!

    • Aww–thanks! That’s so sweet πŸ™‚ In this case, since I’m definitely not the only person who’s struggled with it, I’m willing to say it’s probably the pattern. Even so, I’m still determined to conquer it!

    • I’m definitely looking forward to stitching up something simple! I have been mulling over the yoke issue ever since I set it aside yesterday, and I have a couple ideas that might make the process a bit easier. We’ll see. . .

  2. Hahaha, my weekend has involved choke-holding the dog to deal with ear drops, so you’re not the only one leading a glamorous life! πŸ™‚

    It’s smart to walk away from a project when it’s really getting on your nerves! I’ve never had good results working when I”m frustrated!

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