Oh, Autumn, You Magnificent Season, You

I. Love. Fall.

I love the changing leaves and the cooler temperatures. The distantly smokey air. The looming holiday season. The addition of pumpkin to everything. I love the ridiculous Halloween specials on TV.

I have some friends who hate Halloween. They assert that we’re encouraging panhandling amongst children. And having grown up in an Independent Baptist church/school environment where Halloween was considered downright demonic, I have lingering feelings of guilt that I actually enjoy the holiday. Not that I ever trick-or-treat, myself, or attend any huge costume parties (remember those Halloween-hating friends? Yeah–they don’t do Halloween parties). 1. I’m too old to trick-or-treat, 2. Knocking on strangers’ doors is scary, and 3. I hate parties. But, the idea of Halloween still appeals to me. Pumpkins, costumes, candy–what’s not to like? And I have to admit that I admire the community aspect of Halloween. I’ve heard of neighborhoods where everyone hangs out on their front lawns to watch the children parade up and down the streets wearing their costumes. It’s basically a huge block party–the sort that gets featured in Southern Living. And while, yes, I hate parties, I can’t say that I would mind one in which I’m allowed to escape back into my house whenever I want.

Not that A Defense of Halloween is at all the point of this post. . .

So, I like autumn.

But, before those blessedly cooler temperatures arrive, I have me some sewin’ to do.

I still have two pairs of shorts, two skirts, a shirt dress, and blouses innumerable (actually, it might be three. . . ) to sew up. Not to mention all the lightweight, summery fabrics I bought like a crazy woman last spring that I haven’t even touched.

Since I cut out all those muslins several weeks ago, I have only started on one, a New Look 6808. I’m at the point where I need to sit down and scribble all over the original pattern to make it fit. Sometimes I really enjoy this step; other times I feel absolutely defeated. I think I’ll dive in tonight and try to get a good muslin out of it.

Which brings me to my plans for the weekend. I pledge, oh Internets, that I will accomplish the following tasks before I tuck myself into bed Sunday evening:

1. I will finish my New Look 6808 muslin.

2. I will sew up a muslin for McCall’s 5391 (I’ve been talking about these shorts all summer. It’s time to make them already!)

3. I will sew what might become a wearable muslin of Simplicity 2702. I haven’t read great reviews of this pattern and I can’t say that I’m in love with the shapelessness of the dress, but I’m making a tunic which might be acceptable. If it fits okay and doesn’t look like a bag, I’m thinking about embroidering the heck out of it–but not this weekend.

4. I will trace Simplicity 2475. I know what you’re thinking: “Why are you tracing a skirt pattern?” Well, because that’s how I roll. Except, I’m remembering that the pattern has a “slim” option, so I could probably just fold back to the size I need rather than cutting or tracing. But, I’ll probably have to trace other little things.

5. Sew a muslin for Simplicity 2892. I do not have high hopes for this pattern, but you never know. Except sometimes you do. We’ll see. . .

6. I was going to make a Simplicity 2599 out of this charmeuse I bought forever (6 months) ago, but I’m pretty sure I want to do a Sorbetto instead. I just need a tiny bit of black charmeuse to use for bias tape. Maybe I’ll just use regular bias tape. No need to make it complicated. I’m probably still going to throw together the 2599 muslin since I already cut the pieces.

I know this is contrary to, like, every other sewing person on the planet, but I really need to have more projects going on at once. Here’s my reasoning: I have a really hard time getting projects started during the week. But it’s a lot easier to spend 30 minutes or so in the morning finishing seams or ironing up a hem or an hour in the evening setting in a sleeve or two. So, if I use my weekends to do the major construction and fitting, I can do the smaller, detail jobs during the week. I have to increase my productivity, people!

I’ve also been really inspired by Sunni’s recent posts about sewing an Everyday Wardrobe. If you haven’t read them, you absolutely should. I wear just about everything I sew fairly regularly (some I wear ALL THE TIME–I’m looking at you Simplicity 2209) to work, but I hardly ever wear things I’ve made at home or running around town. I want to replace all the icky, ill-fitting items with clothes I actually like. Novel, I know.

What does all this have to do with the glories of Autumn?? Well, I really want to start planning my fall wardrobe, but I still have all this unfinished summer sewing hanging over my head. It’s time to buckle down and crank out these last few several projects before the chill sets in and I have nothing to wear.

So, if you need me, I’ll be over here sewing up a storm and dreaming of jack-o-lanterns and sweet potato pie.

And because every post needs a picture:

They were obviously posing for an album cover. I obligingly took their picture.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Autumn, You Magnificent Season, You

  1. I’m so inspired by Sunni’s posts, too! I made a couple of very wearable tops earlier this summer, and I find myself reaching for them constantly! I’m hoping to replace more of my ratty old t-shirts with nicer handmade tops this fall. šŸ™‚

    I like fall, too, although I’m not much of a Halloween person (c’mon, I’m a procrastinator– I never think to get a costume ready ahead of time!).

    • I’ve never actually made a Halloween costume either–so I guess it’s the IDEA of Halloween that I actually love. That and the candy!

      I’m really excited to start looking at my fall wardrobe and finding the gaps (right now they’re HUGE!). Man, I love fall so much!!

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