How to Avoid Accomplishing Anything Real

Two posts in one week?? It’s like old times!

So, today I had planned to work on any one of the following projects:

1. A quilted weekend bag for my mom’s birthday. (By the way, her birthday was in July. Worst daughter ever? Most likely.)

2. An idea I have for bracelets to use up fabric scraps.

3. Learning to use my blind hem foot.

4. Drapery practice.

5. Another Simplicity 2209 with this quilting cotton that I bought for an entirely different purpose but fell in fabric love with and therefore have to make a dress out of.

6. Any or all of the several muslins I’ve cut out that are completely ready to meet the machine.

7. Drafting a pattern for a dress I’ve had in my head that I finally sketched out this week.

8. Tracing the pattern I’ve picked for one of my remaining twill skirts.

9. Finishing the dress I started for my baby niece about two months ago.

10. Trying out any of the new purse and clutch patterns I’ve downloaded recently.

11. Tracing the pattern for the Macaron dress that I’m sort-of-but-not-really sewing along with all the other Macaron people. Obviously, I’m behind.

Now, which one of these things did I actually accomplish?


I worked on this instead.

This is a sewing basket that a friend gave me a few months ago. She warned me that it had purple/red hat fabric but that it was only on the top and I could easily re-cover it. When she gave it to me, she rather sheepishly admitted that there was more red hat fabric than she remembered.

Anyways, long story short, I’ve been wanting to cover it and when I noticed the left-over fabric from when I made an ironing board cover, I knew I would love it with the red trim I would have to keep on the basket.

So, I set to it.

It was around this point that I started rethinking all my life decisions.

Once I got into it, I realized that it was going to be a lot more work than I had imagined. Basically, I had to completely deconstruct the whole thing to remove all the old fabric.  But, I was determined. I had a vision in my brain and I had to chase it. Scads of staples and buckets of hot glue later. . .


And I love it.

Confession: Some of the birds are upside down.

Last weekend, I was far more productive. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. While working in the basement, I found the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing that used to be my grandmother’s. I don’t really own very many sewing books (one, actually) so this was a super exciting find.

And it has patterns!

The Packable Rain Hat???

When I start getting my hair done every Thursday, I’m never leaving home without my rain hat. Not ever.

And my personal fave:

Some pictures need no caption.
Except I should point out that you CAN change clothes under this enormous gathered rectangle.


4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Accomplishing Anything Real

    • Thanks! I’m quite pleased with it 🙂
      If only accomplishing things on the To Do list were as easy as adding items to the To Do List. . .

  1. WOW! The skirt/tent combo is… wow, just amazing! I hear you with the crazy to-do lists! I have a gigantic sewing to-do list, but I always get distracted by some shiny new thing and can’t help but start a new project!

    • I’m thinking maybe I’ll try to view my list not as a “To Do” list but as a “Sewing Suggestion” list. Who needs productivity?!

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