Goings-On and What Not, Part Two

Hey, y’all.

So, all that automotive tragedy I was experiencing led to a BRAND NEW CAR!! I’m pretty excited. It has air conditioning and everything. So, I can no longer whine about how terrible all my driving experiences are. Now they’re pretty lovely. Even with all the crazy Atlanta traffic.

Last week, when I was still trapped at home, I did very little actual sewing. But, I did come up with some new sewing habits that I want to instill. Rather than take things project by project, I want to plan ahead for months (I LOVE to plan, so this sort of thing is right up my little alley) so that I can do all the tracing and cutting at once. Then, when it’s time to sew, I can just grab my supplies and get to it.

So, last Wednesday, I dragged my work table into my room, watched a Ghost Hunters marathon (maybe not a marathon. It was on most of the day.), and traced, traced, traced all the patterns that are next up on my list. Thursday, I watched the Science channel (People. There is water on Europa. Water!) while I cut out muslins for four tops and a pair of shorts and the fabric for another Blouse of Many Gathers–this time I’m using cotton lawn, so the result will be much, much better.

Now that I need to budget for car payments, it’s really important that I not waste money on fabric that I don’t know that I will use. So, planning ahead of time will really help me cut down on impulse fabric buying.

So, that’s what’s happening. I hope for more sartorial accomplishments in the next few weeks–now that I can actually concentrate on something other than car drama!


2 thoughts on “Goings-On and What Not, Part Two

  1. Yay, new car! Congrats! It’s always a good idea to think through your sewing plan instead of just buying stuff all willy-nilly (I’m trying to work on this myself!!)!

    • Oh, yes–I absolutely agree, having learned this lesson the hard way! And since I refuse to buy new fabric for myself until I’ve used up what I have on hand, let the stash busting commence!

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