Goings-On and What Not

I’ve been dealing with tragedy of the automotive sort recently. So, I have been all Madam Grumpy Pants and haven’t really accomplished anything of note since I “finished” my shirt dress. (I say “finished” because there are still little tweaks to be done.) But, I thought I’d hop online and toss up a post for the sake of continuity.

Here’s a glimpse at recent goings-on round these parts:

First of all, I decided I absolutely had to have this bag. I also really, really, really wanted that Valorie Wells corduroy (I love Valorie Wells lots and lots) but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Instead, I bought some corduroy on sale from Fabric.com months ago–I think it may have been in the first shipment of fabric that I received. It’s cute and all, but it’s no Valorie Wells Autumn Paisley. Two weeks ago, I finally got up the gumption to get working on the bag. I needed some cotton for lining, which meant a short little jaunt to Jo-Ann’s. Of course, I didn’t bring the corduroy with me. That’s what smart people do. But, I knew, I knew that I wanted to use pink because there were pink flowers in the corduroy pattern. So, I picked out a pink and white polka-dot.

And that, friends, is why we take fabric samples to the store with us. When I put the two fabrics together. . . ick.

So, I tried again. I had originally thought about doing a red and white polka-dot, but then I thought it might look like bag guts every time I looked inside. So, then I saw this fabric:

Much better, methinks.

So far, all I’ve done is cut out the pieces. Someday, I will finish it. In fact, that may be my evening project.

This past weekend, I decided it was finally time for me to pick up embroidery. I’ve really been wanting to learn, and I even had bought a book of embroidery a couple of months ago to help me along my way. After digging my mom’s Ziploc bag of floss out of the basement and organizing it in a container I bought, I jumped right in with some cheesy butterflies and flowers transfers just to try it out.

And I love it. I mean, I really LOVE it. It’s so relaxing and fun! It’s all I did all weekend.

Practice stitches.

I know that my color selection is a little iffy, but I had to use what I had on hand. I’m not letting myself buy new floss until I’ve used up a lot of this old stuff. I was pretty much just playing around with it. And since I finished that one, I had to start a new one.

And I’ve been using up some old cross stitch fabric bits to make little pages for a needle book for my embroidery needles.

Here’s a question: does anyone else suffer fabric regret as much as I do? I bought all this floral polyester in my beginning days, and when I was sorting through it a few weeks ago, I really began to wonder WHAT THE HECK I WAS THINKING. So, I picked out all the particularly ugly ones and set them aside for muslins. I feel much better already.

The pink in the upper right corner is not fabric. It’s the back side of my cutting mat.

Also, there have been these cows.

We live sort of out in the country–except, not really. It’s kind of strange. But, there’s a pasture behind our house where there are sometimes cows. Recently, the cows have been getting past the fence and hanging out in our back yard. There have been many times in the past few days when I’ve had to chase cows through the woods to get them back into the pasture.

During one of my woodsy treks, I found this fantastic mushroom. Or toadstool. I don’t know which.

But, I’m pretty sure I saw David the Gnome run by. . .


2 thoughts on “Goings-On and What Not

  1. yes to the fabric regret! years ago, i bought all kinds of cute cotton prints to make nursing uniforms…it remains untouched to this day. i have all kinds of guilt about it now. good idea to use it for muslins, but in my case they definitely won’t be wearable 🙂
    i’ve been wanting to start embroidery projects, too. thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m always happy to inspire! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find a great use for all your cotton prints–muslins or otherwise.

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