Jenny Makes Notched Collar or Jenny Inches Closer to World Domination

Guess who made some progress on her shirt dress!

Wait-wait, before you guess, here’s the little bag I made this weekend:

And here’s the bag I made this weekend with the bag that I made last Wednesday so you can compare sizes. I know you really want to know.

Now, guess who made some progress on her shirt dress!

Friday was for muslining (muslin #2), Saturday was for cutting, and Sunday was for sewing. Also Monday morning.

Yesterday, I got as far as putting in the collar, which brought me to a grinding halt. Everything else had gone so well: the underlining, the interfacing, the gathering, the pleating. And then the collar happened. I followed Sunni’s tutorial–because I have suffered through a collar before and I didn’t want to go back there. Not again. Not ever. The problem, as I later discovered, was that the back facing was not meshing well with the front facing.

Does anyone else have this problem? I have it EVERY TIME–facings, yokes, waistbands–they NEVER FIT. I cut carefully, I measure carefully, I sew carefully–and still these pieces refuse to fit! I have taken to pinning the pieces to the garment before sewing the pieces together–similar to how you join bias tape ends. The seams have never equalled 5/8″. Never. What’s more, the seam allowance seems to be different for each piece. If it had only happened a couple of times, I’d assume it was just me. Or maybe the patterns. The only time I haven’t had facing/yoke/waistband issues is with my Iris shorts–which ironically was about the only thing that went right with those crazy shorts.

Okay. Rant over.

I finally got the facings worked out (again, I had to pin them into the neckline before I sewed them together. And the seam allowances turned out really tiny) which made collar insertion So Much Easier.

Except for this:

Botched notched collar. This is the view from the back. See how the yoke is all crumpled under the collar.

Here’s the thing, I should have been sewing on the other side. That probably doesn’t make sense to you. Just trust me on this one.  I did finally get the collar together.

You may bask.

And here’s one of my monster hands and my phone. In the background you can see my bodice with attached collar.

Seriously though, I’m pretty happy with this amazing collar technique. Sunni is my hero.


10 thoughts on “Jenny Makes Notched Collar or Jenny Inches Closer to World Domination

  1. Welcome to the sewing world, dear! It’s addicting isn’t it?? I’ve been sewing for sooo long. That purse you made – fabulous!!! #loveit

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy today – I’m with you on the stationary hoarding. I have SOO many adorable little note cards and I NEVER send them – hopefully that changes soon!!!

    • Thanks! For a while there, my collar didn’t look notched either, and I was sooo frustrated about it. Then I finished and magically, there was the notch!

    • Hahaha!! Have to admit, I’m not really a whiskey gal–though my sewing sometimes looks inebriated. But seriously, someone needs a blog with that title!

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